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The list of countries that have screwed it up is pretty long too. The Z$ is one for aficionadoes of course but not all the post-Soviet ones worked all that well either…..

5 thoughts on “Sure”

  1. His thought processes are fascinating, candidly.

    Andrew Neil clearly thinks a Scottish currency would break Scotland, and lead to referendum defeat.

    Andrew Neil is right, there’s no majority in Scotland for “independence” that involves actual costs and painful choices. About a third of the electorate might be locked in for indy-at-all-costs, but there’s yuge numbers of soft supporters pissed off by Brexit and Boris. It’s a curious “independence” movement where a large % are really just trying to keep the pre-2016 status quo.

    Telling them their wages and pensions will be paid in tartan milkbottle tops isn’t a winning play. “Independence” maxes public support by being strategically ambiguous, appealling to both people who want to paint their arses blue and rebuild Hadrian’s Wall and people who want more EU globalist poz.

    Once you collapse the waveform and see the cat is actually deid, it’s not so easy to sell this pig in a poke.

    First, Scotland may not need to borrow. It will inherit none of the UK national debt, which will belong to the rest of the UK as the successor state. And it will only contribute to UK interest costs at current low rates.

    The SNP has been telling people since 1992 that Scotland absolutely *would* be a successor state, it’s the theory which underpins their entire strategy of Independence in Europe. Ritchie doesn’t even understand who he’s sucking up to here.

    Re: the national debt, how does that work exactly?

    Nicola: “Aye well, we’re offski. Smell ye later Boris”

    Boris: “Kewl but you owe us your share of the £2 trillion”

    Nicola: “Haha, I think you’ll find we don’t owe you anything, but we’ll chuck in a few bawbees for the interest payments as long as you never increase rates 🙂 🙂 :)”

    Boris: “OK, we’ll keep the UK Continental Shelf, slap tariffs on your exports to England, start customs checks at Berwick, and kick you out of the UK single market”

    Nicola: *surprised Pikachu face*

  2. Perhaps someone should draw his attention to the monetary history of Brazil. The wiki article has a great concluding paragraph

    Thus, one modern Brazilian real is equivalent to 2,750,000,000,000,000,000 times the old real, that is, 2.75 x 1018 réis.

  3. And how long is the list of countries that have successfully created a new currency having announced in advance they will be following spudeconomics?

  4. Chaps, don’t play the SNP’s game: they claim they are seeking ‘independence’, implying that they are a colony of the perfidious English. They are not. They are seeking ‘secession’, as they joined a union of the two kingdoms as equals.

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