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That climate change, eh, tsk!

Bank Holiday Monday set to be coldest on record, as police brace for weekend of illegal raves

July was hot which shows we must destroy capitalism. Late August is cold but that’s just weather.

10 thoughts on “That climate change, eh, tsk!”

  1. Driving up the A3 yesterday from the south coast we saw several bridges over the road covered in XR banners, accompanied by people merrily waving at the passing cars. We waved back, though our gestures were of the two-fingered variety.

  2. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    Of course, climate change and weather are completely different things, so this unusually cold bank holiday weekend (cough, have we forgotten the wet bank holiday weekend in Margate put down?) means nothing.

    Unless it’s an unusually hot day since records began (70 years ago). Then it’s headline grabbing proof that capitalist mankind is evil.

  3. If hot climate change means we must destroy capitalism, does cold climate change mean we must destroy communism?

    *Pensive chin scratching*

  4. Well, in this area in north east, 2nd crappy summer in a row. I’ve had barbecue once, last time I was able to sit outside and read a book was in early July, before that early June. It has now rained since Monday night, non-stop. Morning temps around +11, day temps +16-17. Late April or a few days in May usually are around +22-25 so any outside DIY work or relaxing has to be done then. Global warming, I’m all in favour, bring it here!

  5. Best summer ever, here. I did not see 100 degrees. First time in my 71 years.

    Reasonable amount of rain.

    But I’m ready for fall. Humidity has been bad for the last month.

  6. ‘July was hot which shows we must destroy capitalism. Late August is cold but that’s just weather.’


  7. @Jussi August 29, 2020 at 9:49 am
    +1 Same here. Day after day of cool and wet. Weather has been from NE instead of SW

    Monday it rained from about 11am, still raining when bed. Tuesday rained from woke up to fell asleep. Outdoors tradesmen have been working any day it’s not raining (inc Sat/Sun)

    Leaves falling off trees started last week

    Forecast for tonight: 2c

    I hope they don’t and go X from hypothermia

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    The restart of the rugby season has been amusing. Expecting it to be hot they planned water breaks at the mid point of each half. As one of the commentators wryly observed today, it should be a mug of cocoa break.

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