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This is not actually a flying start

But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have wasted little time in getting their new careers off to a flying start, according to industry sources.
The couple have been “quietly shopping an idea for a project around town”, the film and television trade magazine Variety has reported, saying the Sussexes are pitching as “joint producers”.
The Duke and Duchess took meetings with executives in June, it is claimed, for what is expected to be their first major commercial media project as they forge their new lives of “financial independence”.

Variety reported that numerous media companies have heard the Sussexes’ pitch, including NBCUniversal, where Bonnie Hammer, who cast Meghan Markle in Suits and became a friend, is chairman of content studios.

Pitching an idea is not financial independence nor the start of a career.

It’s pitching an idea, in the same sense of going to ask the bank manager for a loan.

It is understood that the Duchess does not intend to return to acting. Instead the couple are expected to produce the project,

And who thinks that’s going to work? It’s their image that’s being sold not their production skills. Therefore it needs to be their image they’re selling, right?

19 thoughts on “This is not actually a flying start”

  1. To what degree can one’s overweening sense of entitlement blind others to one’s lack of talent or ability?

    m’Lud – what about It’s a Royal Knock-Out? Worked for republicans!

  2. “It’s their image that’s being sold not their production skills.”

    – well yes…. or it’s their access to clebs that otherwise would require big bucks or say no outright.. So i’d guess the pitch is Meghan’s managed to call in the (wedding) favour from George Clooney to appear in a film about how hard it is to be a celebrity. Or harry can do a great docu soap on sergeant bob bobbitt struggling to get his end away in cancun with only one leg whilst overcoming the effects of both ptsd and lsd, initially failing badly until meghan with the whole production in jeopardy, writes something inspirational on a blue pill to save the day.

  3. ‘meetings with executives in June’

    Two months later, and no announcements. End of story.

    Wait. There was no story.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Unemployed executives become “consultants”. I guess unemployable actresses become “producers”.

    It will be interesting to see what the little grifting skank does – and gets Ginger Mugs roped in to doing as well. But I doubt it will amount to much.

    Everyone finds their level. Web cam work?

  5. I had a certain amount of regard for Harry until he got snared by the markle woman. OK, he’s not the sharpest quill in the inkwell and, given his parentage a career in the RN or RAF was unlikely. But he seemed to have made a reasonable stab at being a pongo and, given his family connections, would probably have been reasonably successful up to, say, Lt Col rank. Sadly, though, the pheremones of cunt hold sway.

  6. Good point, Mr B. You do wonder just how low they’ll end up going (assuming he doesn’t first escape with the sprog and leave her to it).

  7. Actually I watched Suits and thought Markle was an alright actress. Her problem is her politics. The whole point of being Royal is to not put yourself on on side or other of the political divide. Megain is virulently vocal, vegan, liberal, lefty, progressive and woke. So at least half of every western country hates her. Not compatible with the whole being a royal thing. Want to be royal? Learn to STFU.

  8. “And who thinks that’s going to work? It’s their image that’s being sold not their production skills. Therefore it needs to be their image they’re selling, right?”

    One of Harry’s problems is that he thinks he can be in charge of things, without putting in the years of experience to get there. He thinks he has value beyond being a face, that because he turns up to a charity event, he can run a charity.

    I suspect right now that there’s an awful lot of diplomatic rejections going on. Meghan Markle’s value was as an attractive bauble with a fine body who could act well enough for 4th Ranking Cast Member in a TV show. She’s too old to be a TV bauble, she isn’t a great actress. She has no production experience. What TV people want is them doing a reality TV show. That’s all. They won’t be in Marvel movies or serious documentaries like something about the Obamas because really, they’re part of the entertainment industry like the Kardashians.

  9. Donna Paulsen, was the hot one?

    Good grief, she’s attractive, but not ‘hot’. Did Trudeau subsidise Suits?

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