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This seems reasonable

Hospitals in England carried out almost 180 operations a day on children and teenagers last year to remove rotting teeth, costing the NHS more than £40m.

The NHS being there to service the health needs of the population, right?

After all, it would be entirely ridiculous to suggest that we the population are there to serve the NHS.

20 thoughts on “This seems reasonable”

  1. 65,000-odd children, per year, have, in 2021 teeth so rotten they must be operated on in hospital?

    I mean, I know the reputation of our teeth is bad, but really…

    Or is this imported vibrancy?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Haven’t had this discussion before? I’m fairly sure its to do with dentists no longer being able to carry out work on children that requires anaesthetics.

  3. 65,000-odd children, per year, have, in 2021 teeth so rotten they must be operated on in hospital?

    Posting from the future Mr. Lud?

    Maybe we should just all stop going to the doctors for anything. That’d save the NHS, blessings be upon it, loads of money.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    You want to bet that he is conflating all visits to the dentist with removing rotting teeth? Children should go to the dentist every year for a check up. I know I was dragged kicking and screaming. But that doesn’t mean there was drilling and extracting.

  5. ’Twas always so (children’s rotting teeth), but as mentioned above, dentist aren’t allowed to use anaesthetic these days. I barely trust most of them to carry out a six-monthly check-up and descale let alone serious treatment. Wish I’d have looked after mine when I was a kid…cost a small fortune in later life. Girls of my parents’ generation used to get their teeth removed as a wedding present. Wait until the Covid-generation of dentists begin practising.

  6. I had two teeth pulled when I was 15 (upper 2nd bicuspids), but that was to make space for orthodontic work. I know the article says “the majority driven by tooth decay” but that could mean that 49% are for other reasons. They don’t quote that figure while being suspiciously precise about the rest, so I’m going to assume the ‘not rotten teeth’ proportion is pretty high.

    I can’t remember when I had my wisdom teeth out, but I’m sure some people need them removed before 18. Presumably these would count too.

  7. Research consistently shows that annual health checks do no good. I wonder whether teeth/gums are an exception.

  8. BinND is correct, the reason for more children in hospital for tooth decay is due to the not being able to have anasthetics in Dental Surgery’s any more.

  9. Even the fucking cricket this morning started with someone flying a Spitfire emblazoned with “THANK U NHS” over the ground.
    Someone pointed out yesterday in a BTL comment on the Terriblegraph that there are fewer COVID patients in hospital than there are hospitals.

    Which reminds me. Those of you who suffer the Terriblegraph will have noticed that its most hysterical COVID coverage comes from the Global Health Security Team, which reports the most paranoid SAGE loon as gospel and the most sensible Swedish epidemiologists as vile heretics. A BTL commenter helpfully provided a link explaining why. The ‘team’ is bought and paid for by the Gates Foundation.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Even the fucking cricket this morning started with someone flying a Spitfire emblazoned with “THANK U NHS” over the ground.”

    Rugby restarted last weekend and BT have been putting “thank you NHS” messages on screen when they display the score. The players have also been “taking a knee” and yesterday a few had BLM T-shirts, although to be fair there’s been a bit of pushback, Tuilagi on religious grounds last nigh.

  11. I was going to say that “thank you NHS” is better than Black Lies Matter, but then I see you have both.


  12. @Gamecock Oh yes, we’ve got all the bullshit here. All the Sky Sports commentary team are wearing BLM badges.

  13. Dennis, Offender of Krauts, Frogs and other Wogs

    I’ve always suspected that dental hygiene and dentistry in general were more of an abstraction than anything else to the British. This just confirms it.

  14. Assuming they don’t work weekends, that’s about $270 a visit. Which is quite cheap compared to US prices.

  15. @BiND

    Yes and Yes. It’s same old every year. The “Why” never mentioned – Blair ‘save one life’ after one death in devolved Scotland

  16. Population of England is what, 60 Million or so? So £40M comes to 66p per capita annually. Not much to worry about, I would think – just less than three quid for a family of four…

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