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Canada: departure of finance minister suggests Trudeau will pursue ‘green’ recovery plan

If you’re going to go the Green New Deal route of course first you have to fire the only person in government who can count.

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  1. Someone tell Ritchie, he’s clearly the man for this job – we could even crowd fund his airfare for him. Trudeau and Murph, what a team that would be, unbeatable.

  2. Canada/Australia/NZ are rapidly turning into commie shitholes.

    They can screw this CANZUK alliance plan.

  3. @Ecksy

    “Canada/Australia/NZ are rapidly turning into commie shitholes.”

    South Africa has already turned into one. Although the jury would have a hard time deciding if it was government policy or blatant government corruption that was the most to blame.

  4. Gunker: the advantage of living in SA, if one can afford good security, is the accumulated decades of despising government and the acquired ingenuity in avoiding its diktats. Canada, Aus and NZ have a conditionrd and compliant population who actually believe government is a good thing.

  5. The “departure” of the finance minister is due to the corruptions that envelope the rest of Trudeau’s government. Trudeau has now prorogued Parliament for over a month, which conveniently shuts down the committees looking into the corruptions. Blatant.

    The green shit is a distraction squirrel for the media. Seems to be working nicely.

  6. Also, thankfully, Trudeau had a minority government. Sadly, the far-left NDP doesn’t want an election.

    So a green money-hole may yet come to pass.

  7. Trudeau has had a good pandemic, he’s let the Premiers take the brunt of it and stayed out of difficult decisions as much as possible, he’s also used it to try and escape parlimemtary oversight (thankfully defeated) on the budget, but no doubt has gotten away with a lot of unreported stuff

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