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Nobody benefits from a world of 8 billion or 11 billion people, except for large capital interests that need cheap labour and mindless consumers.

It might be possible to argue that 8 to 11 billion people benefit from being able to have a life…..

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  1. Anyone claiming fewer people is better can prove their claim by offing themselves.

    Of course, just like every other socialist, they expect other people to pay the costs of their crap ideas.

  2. ‘just like every other socialist, they expect other people to pay the costs of their crap ideas.’

    aaa: All too true!!!

  3. The opening sentences of that article are an index of just how horrible Guardian readers are. Prod a little deeper and see just what loathsome thoughts come out – I imagine eugenics and mass extermination of the “inferior” are not too far away. And yet if a non-Guardianista were to air such views they would be hounded out of existence

  4. It’s not cretinous, it’s typical socialist evil. It’s the sort of thing George Bernard Shaw used to say: justify your existence or be murdered.

  5. Remember, over-population in the World is a Bad Thing, but mass immigration and resulting overpopulation in England is a Good Thing.

  6. A web search confirmed my recollection that it was P J O’Rourke who once responded to a similar rhetorical flight with the line “Just enough of me; a little too much of you”.

  7. What’s rarely stated is how racist the proposition is. The West is minimally reproducing, population growth is almost entirely black and brown people. Poor black and brown people in poor countries. The rich West seeing population increase as a problem is the rich West seeing poor black and brown people reproducing as a problem.

    (pale Westerner, child-free and one of only five decendants of my great-great-grandparents)

  8. ‘… mindless consumers…’ Who presumably just buy the first thing they see without thinking whether it is of more value to them than what they have to hand over to get it.

    Does working for low pay beat having no work and no pay?

  9. “Nobody benefits from…”

    If I own shares in a company, and the company decides to issue more shares at low cost, then although I lose out, the new shareholders gain, so it’s a wash, right? And yet curiously, companies don’t do this, because the existing shareholders object vociferously.

    There is a moral imperative to give preference to the current generation over future generations.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    It is hard to see how anyone could actually know some other people and not think that perhaps we benefit from knowing them. A disgusting hatred of the human race there.

    But still do we need to embrace the repugnant conclusion? I lean that way myself. The more the better.

  11. Many nations have low growth rates with a number expected to actually begin to decline in the next generation, notably Japan, Russia and some western European countries. The US, Canada and Australia have relatively low birth rates. Even many Latin American countries have slowing rates of population growth. Of course, a low growth rate means an aging population and perhaps at some point encouragement of more immigration to get some young folks in to pay the taxes to support the old folks’ pensions and care.

    The areas that are growing are much of Africa and Central Asia, so ultimately most of these complaints about population growth come down to how do we have fewer Africans and Central Asians? Few Guardian readers make the connection between economic growth, growing affluence, and smaller families, but those that do will lament that should these regions become more affluent the smaller families might start buying cars.

  12. No individual person enjoys being surrounded by other people at all times, competing for space and resources.

    A number of people choose to live in the cities – the expensive, crowded, cities – even when they don’t have to. Not even ‘for their job’. They just like the opportunities that having large numbers of people living in close proximity bring.

    Some people, in fact, enjoy living in hi-rises. Personally, I can’t fathom why. Seems like Hell to me. But I can recognize that these people exist and there’s tons of them.

    Also, what is it with people talking about how there are too many *other* people – other people are surplus to requirements, not them?

  13. 100 billion?

    I’m reminded of what George Carlin said when some wag asked, “How can we feed 8 billion people?”

    Carlin: “If we can’t feed them, there won’t be 8 billion people.”

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