Umm, why?

It is likely to reignite calls for the Conservative Party to detail its safeguarding processes, or remove the whip from the MP as a precautionary measure.

Last week Angela Rayner, chairwoman of the Labour Party, wrote to the Tories, saying: “Suspension would help protect others by making them aware of the allegations he faces and it would also show that the Conservative Party takes safeguarding concerns seriously.”

Other than providing some political benefit for the Labour Party – “Look, Tory Rapist!” – what does suspending the whip do? He’s still an MP, still attends Parliament, still gets paid, can still vote.

What’s the point?

7 thoughts on “Umm, why?”

  1. …still innocent too, of course.
    Not a conceptual possibility in the eyes of the Left…unless it’s one of their own.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    It is the Alice in Wonderland approach of the Left – first there is the punishment, then there is a trial.

    Or more accurately we have the Cultural Revolution approach. Anyone accused of anything must be isolated and cut off from all friendships so they will confess to whatever they are asked. That means the rest of us must “draw a line” between us and the accused.

    tl;dr version – The Labour Party is full of totalitarian arseholes.

  3. Labour were happy to keep a jailed MP ‘on the books’ and drag her in to vote when released and tagged

    BBC, C4 and plod have already done “making them aware of the allegations he faces” plus deemed him guilty

    Angela “Yeah but, no but” Rayner should ask Santa for a brain

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