Vermine for Prem hurts

18 thoughts on “Vermine for Prem hurts”

  1. There’s not much I like about Germany, having had the misfortune to have lived there for 3 years, but I do like their word Schadenfreude.

    The leprous blighted Potato would have been a shoe-in for a peerage with a nomination from the piss stained old tramp, had he just been less arrogant himself and able to rein in his monstrous ego.

  2. Gitoma: That’s about 2.4m in the UK. Over a million marched for a second referendum peacefully and we were totally ignored.

    With an electorate of about 45 million, what does she suppose would have been an appropriate response to just one million of them taking to the streets?

  3. @ DocBud
    But in the People’s Republic of Murphyland each “progressive” (lefty) vote is worth one hundred times that of anyone else’s…

  4. A vote the left don’t like is populism and worth nothing. A vote the left like is democracy and its value is infinite.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you, to learn that a Prime Minister has used the system to reward the people who helped him politically and with his wider projects and to remove his political enemies.

    We should be grateful that no past PMs ever dd that.

  6. No “million” remainiacs marched ever–outside deceitful MSM imaginations.

    220 thou tops. And only because London=remain HQ and they could just jump on the bus/tube. And swell the numbers by taking their politised brats with them.

  7. Over a million marched for a second referendum peacefully and we were totally ignored.

    Being a sensible country, we don’t determine policy because a million/half a million/150,000 middle-class wankers go for a walk, no matter how many shit twee signs they hold up.

    You were ignored because the result had already been decided, in the REFERENDUM.

  8. Wasn’t it amusing that John Smith’s daughter, who works for the BBC (what a strange coincidence!) was all over this story until someone reminded her of her mother’s peerage

  9. ‘Over a million marched for a second referendum peacefully and we were totally ignored.’

    Try violence next time.

    And where did you get the idea that marching would get you attention? “Dammit, if we march, they’ll HAVE TO pay attention to us!”

  10. @Itellyounothing, I hear via Tim Pool that the Democrats are saying that any election result that wasn’t a landslide for them didn’t count.

  11. Decent bit of trolling would be to send The Letter to the Ely townhouse, asking if he’d accept a gong were it offered.

    Then leak the reply, as occasion demanded.

  12. @Diogenes
    Where was Mizz Smith before BBC? C4 News USA reporter. The taxpayer funded revolving door

    Wasn’t California and NYC voter turnout over 100% in 2016?

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