Well balanced journalism here

The Guardian on the RNC:

Trump unleashes diatribe of falsehoods and baseless attacks in RNC finale
Trump portrayed Biden as a creature of the Washington swamp, beat the drum of law and order and said little about racial injustice

Yes, we know they’re a lefty newspaper but there used to be a certain division between the news and opinion sections. This is in the news section:


And they wonder why middle America looks a tad askance at the media?

If he does gain a second term it’s going to be so much fun watchin’ heads a’splodin’

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Twelve more years!

    Replacing real reporters with interns from university journalism courses is really costing them more than they know

  2. It’s not exactly just the Graun, is it? This was the Torygraph in the news section:
    When Donald Trump spoke, a sense of delusion hovered over the White House
    The media class is in full Trump Derangement Syndrome mode. You might as well ask for a balanced report on the Nuremberg Rally.

  3. Racial injustice? Just watch the videos of Trump giving a full pardon to Jon something, a black bank robber. I honestly don’t think Trump spends much of his time pondering about skin colour. A strong message which probably won’t be reported by the likes of BBC and Guardian, pox on them!

  4. The BBC news article about the teenager who shot those protestors/rioters was illuminating. It spoke of “links to Donald Trump” which turned out to be that he’d been to a Donald Trump rally.

  5. @jussi – One of the first things Trump did was sign off on the First Step Act which among other things reformed federal prisons and sentencing laws that disproportionately affected African-Americans.

    91% of prisoners who were released or had sentences reduced were African-Americans.

  6. Whatever happens, I find it more or less impossible to see how America avoids civil war, with much of the remainder of the Western world not far behind. I don’t see any good outcomes. Too many threads have been pulled at.

    It’s like we tend to need a bit of blood-letting every 80 to 100 years and, um, we’re at 75 years this year.

  7. @Edward Lud

    Thucydides, writing about the Peloponnesian war said something along the lines of great wars happening every thirty years because those who would be fighting in them were too young to remember the horros of the last one.

    I think it’s the same with socialism, which seems to be the driving force behind much of the unrest.

  8. @NedLud: the FBI must presumably know who’s funding the rioters and it takes no action. I therefore assume that all this mayhem is just another attempted coup against Trump. Following Russiagate, Ukrainegate, and Impeachmentgate comes BLMgate.

  9. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    Whatever happens, I find it more or less impossible to see how America avoids civil war, with much of the remainder of the Western world not far behind.

    There was a video posted yesterday from the suburbs of Kenosha. It was taken by a BLM member who was part of a group entering a suburb to ‘protest’. The moment they get out of the car there are three shots fired. From the sound of it, they were large caliber. They were warning shots from a homeowner. The BLMers jumped in their cars and left immediately.

    There won’t be a civil war because in the suburbs the political dynamic is different than in the large cities. BLM and Antifa can only operate where they have the tacit (or explicit) approval of the politicians that control law enforcement (mayors and city councils). Where politicians support law enforcement and oppose BLM/Antifa, they do not venture.

    One of our council members started floating the idea of cutting funding to the police department, and she was quietly informed by several prominent citizens that the response would be an immediate call for all residents to open carry at all times when in the city. Given the choice of properly funding the police department or having dozens of people walking around uptown with guns strapped to their sides, the idea of police department cuts were tabled.

    BLM and Antifa aren’t warriors… They’re either criminals or bratty middle-class punks, or both. It’s no accident that Rittenhouse’s victims were all white and all had criminal records.

  10. Dennis, I assume you mean in the countryside you have the elected Sheriff and his office versus the politicised po’leese in the cities?

  11. Once upon a time the US press did try to play it straight with the news while keeping their opinions to the editorial page. We can argue about how successfully they actually succeeded in that, but today it seems no one even tries. In that regard, based on time I’ve spent overseas, I’d say the US press was somewhat unusual to trying to be impartial (based on what I read in English language or Spanish newspapers that were biased from A-Z), so I guess you could say that the American press has become more like that of the rest of the world.

  12. That’s all very well Dennis, old chop, and I wish those gun-toters well.

    But revolutions and civil wars are not fought and won in the suburbs.

  13. M’Lud. The only reason the left are able to dominate is because the state protects them. Individually, they have little appetite for martyrdom. If there was a conservative backlash there wouldn’t be enough police to save them. And would the individual police on the street have much heart in doing so, anyway? National Guard? I wouldn’t like to be offering odds on which direction their guns would be pointing. The BLM riots happen because conservatives are willing to permit them as part of their commitment to a free society. You lose that, it’d be a bloodbath.

  14. BBC managed to find 2 law enforcement experts (ex-cop and ex-FBI) who claimed on watching the video that the correct procedure was that the officers should have left Blake just drive off peacefully and picked him up later

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