Well of course it will you silly girl

New Zealand PM says Covid-19 outbreak will ‘get worse’ as Auckland cluster grows
Jacinda Ardern sound ominous tone, with expectation of a long lockdown for the country’s biggest city

The disease is endemic around the world. Other than total slicing off from that rest of the world there is no solution other than herd immunity and accepting some deaths at the margin.

Worth reading up on the history of measles in the Faroe Islands for the end result of trying to keep a nation free of a disease.

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  1. I’m becoming increasingly convinced the respiratory symptoms of C19 are a relatively minor side effect. The Coronavirus mostly affects the intellect of the political, administrative & media classes reducing them to scared, bawling infants.

  2. “Envy of the World” NHS has worked out how to avoid being bothered all the time by sick people.
    Send out appointments IN THE PAST. This guarantees non-attendance.

    My first thought was ‘what idiots’.
    But then I suspect some corruption to do with waiting times and appointments issued within 3 months. No one said those appointments had to be in the future and attendable, did they?

  3. Mr Coder, I think you’re right. They’ve perfected negligent appointment practices developed over many years.

    About three years ago, I was sent for a couple of tests at the same hospital. The genii running the place sent me two separate appointment letters for two different parts of the building. I was required to be present in them both at the same time.

    The obvious result was that I missed one appointment, which meant my GP was sent a letter saying I had not attended and the hospital had therefore closed the referral. So it was back to square one.

  4. Only a few weeks ago my niece was enthusiastically sharing articles praising this enlightened woman who had single-handedly saved her country from Covid.

    I’m very fond of her so, unless provoked, will refrain from mentioning this development.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    China made them realise they had a tool they could use. People might buy it and the Public Health dweebs would become national figures not intellectual jokes.

    So naturally if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    But they did not ask if this was going to work, work at an acceptable cost, work at a socially acceptable cost, before going all in.

    Lamppost time.

  6. Dear Jacinda needs to be hanged publicly on prime time TV. Along with that Commissar Scumbag from Victoria–still in his uniform (with jodhpurs added for Nazi-style–)while his cop buddy who bashes little females with mask exemption gets beaten to death by 8 blokes –fists/boot/baseball bats/pickaxe handles. And the rest of Victoria’s Plod squad watches under the gun.

    A fantastic hours viewing pleasure.

  7. Now the bitch is opening “camps”.

    A military expedition is needed down there.

    Any Downunderers on here–what is state of NZ military? Could they resist a huge raid down there to take possession of everything the elites/boss class have w’out robbing ordinary folks and opening up NZ as a free country again?

    What about Aust? Could they intervene with enough force –given UK could hardly send too big an Armada? What about a nuke threat to Aus? Large parts of it already look as if they have been nuked but …would that back Aus down? Thoughts please.

    On the way back home call in for history’s greatest up country raid on SA –destroy their military and steal everything not nailed down–inc as much gold and diamonds as we can get. Civil war likely there anyway and such a raid would be helpful to future allies.

  8. Our local transit authority has decided with the government to make masks mandatory on transit from Aug 24th, only guess would be they are worried about increased usage once schools and universities start in Sept. While it is legally enforceable they won’t initially be enforcing it and you can get an exemption card just by asking for one, but only if you go to one of 2 transit offices that are issuing them. It’s beyond a joke.

  9. Some 55 per cent of patients who were treated for Covid-19 suffered some sort of psychiatric disorder following treatment, according to a study of 402 patients at a hospital in Milan. Results from clinical interviews and self-assessment questionnaires, published in Brain, Behaviour and Immunity, showed that 42 per cent displayed anxiety and 40 per cent insomnia, with depression in 31 per cent of cases, and 28 per cent presenting PTSD. One patient who suffered recurrent panic attacks after treatment said ‘panic made me suffer more than Covid-19’.

    Remind you of anyone?

  10. Bloke in Lower Hutt

    From the article: ‘circulating for weeks’ is certainly plausible as there has been a number of stories of travellers to Asia (Korea and Malaysia) being tested negative in NZ before leaving and miraculously testing positive on arrival.

    Also, we have an election next month, what better time for a managed outbreak to be quickly put down with strong, affirmative action to remind the voters what a great job you did last time and to vote them in for another term? Of course, I forget that our PM “doesn’t do politics”.

    Of course, if COVID has been circulating in NZ for weeks and no-one noticed, it kinda blows the whole deadly virus narrative out of the water somewhat so I expect a number of death certificates will be revisited if that turns out to be the case.

  11. @Ecks
    The police were, “only following orders”…. from Kim-Jong Dan Andrews

    Police in Melbourne display ‘disturbing and over the top’ enforcing of ‘dumb law’
    Full vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfuIAd_nCgg

    Victoria’s overreaction ‘caused in part by government’s humiliation’

    Victorian government ‘arrogance’ has created an endless nightmare
    “We let them out for ramadan”

    Comrade Dan, “tales of the economic hitman.” Good old covid 19-84.
    We need to have more leftie ‘peaceful’ protest marches, raves, riots etc to stop covid spreading

  12. ‘Other than total slicing off from that rest of the world there is no solution other than herd immunity and accepting some deaths at the margin.’

    Slicing off from that rest of the world was the NZ approach. “Worked” pretty well in keeping cases to minimum.

    Leaving the population with no immunity whatsoever. With cases now arising from community spread, they are where the rest of the world was in March. They gained nothing but a 5 month delay. And 5 extra months of pandemic troubles.

    Sweden and NZ took opposite approaches. Sweden is pretty much done with it.

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