Well, yes….

The trip-ups show the political dangers in Mr Biden’s engagement with the media

Which is why the Ds are arguing that there need be no debates and the Rs are calling for more of them.

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  1. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Whether the Democrats put Biden up for debate or not,they are screwed. Astonishing that they let him last this long.

    Perhaps even electoral fraud will not work. It appears that they may be planning something more drastic: there is speculation that the Donald and his family will spend the next few weeks under Cheyenne Mountain.

  2. Don has upset some powerful people. I think, though, that Pence would be a very unpleasant surprise for the likes of Hillary.

  3. It amazes me that anyone believes that a candidate unable to debate with Trump will nonetheless be good at debating say Putin or Xi.
    And debates with those gentlemen cannot be avoided or postponed whatever the health crisis.

  4. The Dems may have a problem in that people won’t want to vote for Hands-on Joe because he’s demented, but might be reluctant to vote for Hillary unless she’s demented.

  5. ‘The trip-ups show the political dangers in Mr Biden’s engagement with the media’

    Yet the media still back him. That’s how FUBAR this is.

  6. Biden is an unpleasant bullying senile irrelevant figurehead with a soon to be unimaginably rich family. He also plagiarised Neil Kinnock

    His VP pick, although not senile, will also be irrelevant.

    Pelosi (back to that senility thing again) is not irrelevant. She was clearly calling the shots over Chuck Schumer this year and, as she possesses the nous and ruthlessness to keep the squad at bay, could be a/the significant power behind a Biden presidency.

    The only gallows humour may be in watching Pelosi, AOC & chums, and the Obamas scrapping away for the privilege of telling Biden what to do.

  7. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    It amazes me that anyone believes that a candidate unable to debate with Trump will nonetheless be good at debating say Putin or Xi.

    You’re missing the point. On the best day of his life Joe Biden wouldn’t have debated either of them… He’d have given them whatever they wanted without a word.

  8. Biden will do fine in the debates.

    Trump will say something ‘controversial’ like “burning down cities is not ‘mostly peaceful'”.

    Biden will reply with a totally random string of words about leg hair or pony soldiers or leg hair on pony soldiers. The moderators will then explain exactly what old Joe said.

    Trump will attack what Biden actually said.

    Then the mods will accuse Trump of lying by putting words in Joe’s mouth and the media will conclude that Biden won the debate by a mile because Trump could only shout insults. Biden will then have a massive boost in the polls.

    And the Dems and never Trumpers will believe it all.

    My worry is that enough of the electorate will fall for it as well.

  9. I still can’t be entirely sure if the demented Biden thing is real (as certainly seems to be the case), or the greatest Br’er rabbit play in history by the Dems.

  10. Kevin

    The country is so completely polarised both politically and in trust/mistrust of the media that I doubt more than a tiny handful will be swayed by the debates. The 30% of self-identified independents religiously sampled by the pollsters are pretty much committed to one party or the other by now.

    I still believe mail-in votes will be the deciding factor and wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a handful of close state races not called until December by which time the requisite number of additional ballots to push the Democrats over the line will have miraculously appeared.

  11. John–Well Trump better make sure that doesn’t happen –declare martial law–world is already half way there : it might as well serve the good-ish guys for once–until election fraud is exposed. Promise election fiddlers 20 yrs in Supermax –or better still Guantanamo as “treason terrorists”.

  12. Mr Ecks

    The supposedly conservative Supreme Court justices have proved anything but and that’s putting it mildly. If anything needs to be done to save the Republic it’s going to be down to him.

  13. Joe Biden’s latest comments on Black voters spark backlash
    “Hispanics are diverse, blacks aren’t”
    This after
    Biden to black journo: Are you a cocaine junkie?
    Biden: I will decide who’s Black and who’s not Black
    Biden: If you vote Trump, you ain’t black
    Biden: “Stand up Chuck!” – Biden to Chuck Graham, a crippled man confined to a wheelchair

    I’m Joe Biden and I’m running for, you know, that thing, lions
    I’m Joe Biden and Susan Rice is my, you know, wife……., no meant, vice sister

    Bidenology 101 – Biden playing politics and bowing to China
    Throughout the interview, Joe was thinking to himself: “Can we stop talking about tariffs and will somebody Please provide me with a child to sniff.”

    Biden is ‘says what he doesn’t mean, and means what he didn’t say’

    ‘at severe risk of being incapacitated’ amid cognitive concerns
    For presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden the coronavirus pandemic isolation is “his best campaign asset”

    @Dennis, August 8, 2020 at 2:05 pm
    +1 Same as Obama & Hellary

  14. I’d assumed the entire Vice President has to be a woman and ethnic if possible is an attempt to try and undermine the votes for Trump from parts of the population that weren’t supposed to vote for him. They truly believe people will vote on the basis of black women VP and I’m black and/or a woman so better vote for them. Not that it didn’t work for Obama, less so for Hilary, but Obama was a first and you have to wonder how well that trick works again and Hilary showed that it still has to be a candidate you can at least hold your nose and vote for.

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