Well, yes, suppose so really

The Key to a Real Democratic Landslide: Better Rural Performance

If we get our opponents’ supporters to vote for us then we’ll win!

9 thoughts on “Well, yes, suppose so really”

  1. Found O/L: “Those who identify as Democrats tend to mistakenly overstate the risk of death from COVID-19 for younger people much more than Republicans.”

    Hands up if that surprises you.

  2. Reading through the comments on that article, there are some incredibly disparaging remarks made by the posters about the opposition’s voters. Hardly surprising that rural republicans don’t like the message from the democrats, when it is said in such a sneering manner.

    To the posters, it’s all about Trump’s attempts to “steal” or “rig” the election. Nothing to do with having a prospective candidate who is exhibiting signs of senility or the democrats support for riots, cancel culture and defunding the police.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    After Trump was elected there was a brief moment when the deadwood media reflected on what went wrong and promised to report on Fly Over Country better.

    But they just can’t bring themselves to do it. They are not comfortable with any conservatives except fake ones grifting off the left like Anna Navarro. They can’t even stand pro- Israeli fat lesbians like Bari Weiss.

    So what chance of doing well in the countryside? Well let’s burn some bibles and riot in Portland. That ought to do it.

    They do know better. After all they fixed the primary for Biden

  4. Given that the Democrats are now the anti-white party, why would rural Americans vote for them.

    Mind you, the GoP has also been wasting its time trying to appeal to Blacks and Mexicans who will never ever vote for them.

  5. Hillary made it clear she neither wanted nor needed her opponent’s deplorable, redneck, country-hick supporters to vote for her.

    For the last three and a half years, the Democrats and their media stooges have been reminding everyone that the Democrats still don’t.

  6. Jonathan said:
    “Mind you, the GoP has also been wasting its time trying to appeal to Blacks and Mexicans who will never ever vote for them.”

    Don’t the BLM riots give the Republicans a good chance of getting Mexican votes?

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