We’ve a system to do this

In this video I explain what accounting I think we now need to enable this transition to be a better way of working out how to allocate the capital we have within society to those who really can use it best if all our long term interests are to be served

Called the price system in a market. Can’t be bothered to watch the video to the reveal point where he disagrees.

31 thoughts on “We’ve a system to do this”

  1. Gotta love this “how to allocate the capital WE have within society”. Give credit for finding new ways to describe taking other people’s money.

  2. OT, but there’s a delicious quote in The Times obituary of Charles Wade – “libidinous” gambler and sportsman. Wade said: “Sex with your wife is all very well but it doesn’t beat the real thing.”

  3. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Assuming the passage has been copied and pasted as written, it is a truly appalling piece of prose.

  4. I wonder whom he has in mind as an example of “those who really can use it (capital) best”… Panhandling cock-end

  5. BIS

    “He does seem to have forgotten the punctuation keys. Or maybe they’re stuck solid with something.”

    Yes, well it is the Murphy You Tube Masturbation Channel, where every day he knocks another one out

  6. Dennis, He Who Remains Unpublished

    Assuming the passage has been copied and pasted as written, it is a truly appalling piece of prose.

    He graduated (with honors) from the Amanda Marcotte School of Writing.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    I am moderately happy with the way I allocate my capital. I am fine with Ritchie allocating his capital any way he likes.

    Consenting adults and all that.

    What more needs to be said?

  8. Dennis, This Week's Watford Manager

    After watching his latest effort, I can honestly say I’ve had enough. About the only thing I could think of that would get me to watch another is him belting out “Billericay Dickie” to a karaoke machine.

  9. Dennis, Prepped For A Night Of Ballroom Dancing (They Don't Call Me Featherfoot For Nothing, You Know)

    Dennis: ROFL! That image is so bizarre, what are you on? I want some.

    After watching Murphy’s latest last night, I pulled “New Boots and Panties!!” up on YouTube and gave it a listen. I considered it mind bleach. Halfway through “Billericay Dickie” it occurred to me how surreal it would be to hear Richard Murphy sing it on one of his YouTube videos.

    As Timmy can attest, at times I can be downright demented.

    I have no video editing skills, but it would be great if someone synced up some clips of him to “Billericay”. Imagine how nuts he’d go over that…

  10. Crikey Dennis, Ian Dury is remarkably close to the Potato. I had originally thought of Joe Cocker, because of Murphy’s peculiar performance/delivery tics

  11. Dennis, Author of the Tay Bridge Tax Return

    Cut and dye Spud’s hair, give him a shave and put him in suspenders and a trench coat… As long as he doesn’t sing “Wake Up and Make Love To Me”, we’re OK.

  12. ‘working out how to allocate the capital we have within society to those who really can use it best if all our long term interests are to be served‘

    A really tortuous way of saying he should not only be the person in society who receives the most remuneration but that he should also decide who earns what. A genuine totalitarian – what a piece of work!

  13. If he doesn’t get upset at “Billericay Dickie”, “Spasticus Autisticus” should do the trick

  14. @Mr Lud
    For the uniformed:

    Chuckle Time
    When Satire and reality blur indistinguishably

    Dr Gideon Micropenis: Time to ban Britishness

    Message from Prince Harry about the newly published, unauthorised biogrpahy

    Johnny Smugface, #SainsburysAsdasCostaCancelledParty
    “… I want to see people on the ground in the meat-isle having face masks forced over their heads…
    …It’s about empathy, kindness and respect for each other…”

    Average weekly deaths are now below average for last eight weeks compared to the last 5 years. C-19, as said before, brought forward deaths. Check ONS for details.

    The compulsory mask brigade really are a bunch of ‘Karens’

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    Pcar August 19, 2020 at 11:04 pm – “Message from Prince Harry about the newly published, unauthorised biogrpahy”

    According to the Daily Mail, the newly published, unauthorised biography includes such gems as the fact that everyone hated Meghan at school because she worked so hard and was so good at everything.

    It is hard to think of many people who share that level of delusion. Well, one to be exact. Maybe too depending on how dumb Ginger Mugs is.

    Unauthorised? I may have a bridge you are interested in

  16. So Much For Subtlety

    Dennis, Who Can Spaz Out With The Best Of ‘Em August 19, 2020 at 10:31 pm – “For septics, braces go on teeth, you wog.”

    I suspect that if you googled it, in America most braces go on the back and lower spine generally.

    In Britain, men wear belts and braces, some times at the same time, while women wear suspenders. Usually in the privacy of the bed room. So I would prefer not to have that mental image of Ritchie.

  17. Dennis, He of the Straight Teeth

    Four million U.S. septics have braces on their teeth.

    As compared to about twelves wogs in all of the U.K.

  18. Dennis, The Beau Brummell of Westerville, Ohio

    Does anyone here really believe Spud doesn’t have a collection of garter belts in his size (and none else)?

  19. @SMFS
    H&M have clarified the ‘not interviewd’ to ‘we talkeed to them, but iit wasn’t an interview and we asked them not to….” – yeah, sure

    Pair of spoilt petulant rug-rats

    Braces: UK – hold up trousers when so fat no waist or a backup for belt
    Braces: USA – stuff lots of ugly, uncomfortable, painful metal into children’s mouths – why not give them lots of metal work piercings too?

    Stockings & Suspenders: do nothing for me, silly & primitive – crotchless tights….

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