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Who has Rod Liddle pissed off now?

Sunday August 23 2020, 12.00am, The Sunday Times

In the comments there is this:

Why all these coded references to Boris’ relationship here and in yesterday’s Times, e.g. This Week article? Why the references to discord – implying Carrie has kicked Boris into the tent – and longevity – “trusting their relationship will sustain”? I don’t remember any such recent prime minister face this type of speculation about their relationships.

This might make sense to the hacks involved or may be some wry in-joke.

He’s not making cracks about Boris chasing – well, in No 10, who could he be chasing?

Where’s Johnson? Not in the tent, not on our TV screens and not in charge


Did the column make it into print? And now it’s back. Very vicious about Boris but what did they excise?

23 thoughts on “Who has Rod Liddle pissed off now?”

  1. Anything that hurts the bastard. Not as good as the brutal shit-kicking the useless arrogant traitorous scumbag deserves but it is something. If he’d trapped his dick in his flies that would be a small punishment. Anything the goons that surround him cant protect him from.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    In what sane would would the editor of the Times allow a drunken idiot with a habit of shooting his mouth off like Rod Liddle – as much as I love the guy that is how he has made his career – comment on the private life of the Prime Minister?

    Sticking the boot in? Sure. But leave the mother of his child out of it. Although I am not sure why the Times has it in for Boris. It is not because they are on Ecks’ side. Still upset about Brexit? Hoping to get a deal that leaves us in?

    A sensible Editor would have spiked it before it was writ.

  3. “But leave the mother of his child out of it.”


    Will millions of ordinary women and children Johnson’s cockrot capers have and are harming be “left out of it”? Like fuck.

    Kids getting no Xmas cos one/both parents on dole/ people who will die listening to fucking musak while phoning for A&E appointment/those ALREADY dead thanks to the Tik Tok dance squads antics/those women and kids already raped by imports overlooked by a scum govt that wont even release the figures and those who will be raped, brutalised and killed by the scum Blojob is busy importing.–it would be too long to go on–perhaps other commenters can add to the list.

    So I don’t care about some female who ran onto the end of Blojobs rod from God. Apparently yet another miscalculation by the Bicycle Boy.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    The Times may have long memories but I would think virtually every journalist invents quotes. No one believes Thomas Friedman’s schtick of finding just the right taxi driver within 15 minutes of landing in whatever shithole the NYT sent him to.

    It is not a reason to go for his wife *now*. If someone lied to me in 1994, I would be annoyed at them but at most I would avoid him in the pub. If my ex-wife lied to me about the parentage of our children, then perhaps I would be putting the boot in still. The attack is disproportionate.

    I think it is a Brexit thing.

  5. A super-injunction? No wonder the cunt has a ton on his so-called mind.

    Foreign friends do that voodoo that you do so well.

    Anything that hurts the bastard.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    A super-injunction is the legal equivalent of the Streisand effect. Don’t these idiots ever learn.

    If what is being alluded to is correct I suspect the attitude of most people will be “what did you expect?” and the get on with their lives and leave the Westminster bubble to their make believe world.

    The result I’ll be another small nail in the MSMs coffin.

  7. I am not sure why the Times has it in for Boris.

    The Times is a) Remain as fuck and b) STILL in mourning for Blairism. So they hate Bozza on both counts. Although revealed preferences show he’s every bit as statist as New Labour so it must be Brexit. And you cannot underestimate how pissed off these types are about Brexit. That’s 99% why I love it.

    But leave the mother of his child out of it.

    If the silly bitch hadn’t driven most of the government’s deranged green policies I would be tempted to agree. As it is, fuck her.

  8. Who has Rod Liddle pissed off now?

    The Sane

    Rod Liddle: have face masks become part of a wider ‘culture war’?

    Sad that Rod has become a massive bed wetter over COVID. His wife sounds much more sensible
    ‘Probably of some use’? No they are not. They’re useless

    The Swedes have not worn face masks at any stage of the pandemic and have a lower death rate than the UK
    I keep hearing people say they just wear a mask to make others comfortable, to avoid upsetting anyone. What about those of us who are upset and uncomfortable seeing those wearing them?

    An N95 mask stops 95% of particles >0.3 microns; surgical & cloth masks stop almost nothing
    Covid-19 virus is 0.125 microns, passes straight through N95 mask

    Think about that: 0.3 vs 0.125 – 3inch mesh to stop 1inch bullet Masks are a dangerous placebo

    Where’s Boris? On his way to LA to live with Harry in cupboard under stairs while woke Carrie & Meghan chatter

    How are people getting & dying from the flu and not covid 19? Surely with all the restrictions very few should have the flu, yet six times more deaths than C-19? Where’s BBC etc?

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    MC August 23, 2020 at 8:15 pm – “If the silly bitch hadn’t driven most of the government’s deranged green policies I would be tempted to agree. As it is, fuck her.”

    That I can agree with. But perhaps the Times should not.

  10. @Pcar, the virus itself is 0.125 but it tends to travel is droplets which are bigger than 0.3microns. However, as the article you linked to eluded to, masks are still pretty ineffective against bacteria or viruses (viri to the pedants). All a mask does is protect the wearer to a certain extent, it doesn’t protect anyone else because the airflow of virus laden air still comes out the sides of the mask into the general air and blown around by the breeze and aircon.

  11. NDReader

    That graph is horribly misleading!

    Do linear for a start and the “Sweden higher than the UK” is mostly just the tail. The nature of the peak renders the shape of the tail less relevant. Ie, we got off to a cracking good start, and they then started catching up with us…

  12. I see Guido is doing a little piece on a couple of Boris’s former paramours getting together for mutual support. Is this another straw in the wind that there’s dirt on our PM floating about in journalistic circles?

  13. Is this another straw in the wind that there’s dirt on our PM floating about in journalistic circles?

    Frankly, I’d be amazed if there wasn’t.

    Given that he’s never been, to use one of his own phrases, a “safe pair of trousers”, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s been having several bits on the side recently.

    And to be honest, I doubt anyone outside the BBC/grauniad dinner party circles gives a shit.

  14. @NDReader
    Not good at reading?

    Deaths per 100,000 are ~30% lower in Sweden vs UK and herd immunity achieved

    Sweden: 1 (yes One) covid death in August (yes, the whole month):

    I am glad our experts are so much better than theirs and that our politicians ‘followed the science’ /sarc

    There is a lot of “Boris Johnson superinjunction” chatter on web

    Mind you, if I was tied to Woke Carrie I’d be frustrated too. Did she manipulate & ensnare him like Harry? CCP/Huawei honeypot?

  15. “If he’d trapped his dick in his flies that would be a small punishment”
    Speak for yourself, Mr Ecks. It would be deemed a major punishment in my household.

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