Why be surprised at this?

BBC impartiality row: Newsnight policy editor accused of ‘off the scale’ bias
Lewis Goodall wrote a piece for the New Statesman which had the cover line: ‘How the Government’s ineptitude created a lost generation’

This is the show that used Paul Mason as economics editor. Replaced him with Duncan, umm, whassisface, a TUC economist. It’s not like “impartial” is the middle name ‘ere.

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  1. Quite. When Paul started orgasming on screen reporting on podemos, that was the point when aunty thought; ‘un peu trop Paul un petit peu trop’ and even then it was because they weren’t effusively pro EU.

  2. OT: a really good article on race and achievement – despite being written 20yrs ago it could have been written today. Maybe not published though, as it speaks truths that have become haram.


    The tragic punchline though is the optimistic prediction at the end…

    “Perhaps 20 years from now mainstream black thought will join me in stressing individual initiative and integration. And perhaps the national media will get on the bandwagon too.”

  3. I don’t actually see anything wrong with the quoted headline tho’.

    I mean, what was it supposed to say? ‘Government’s faultless handling of severe flu outbreak isn’t an epochal catastrophe’?

  4. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    Shock horror! System that relies on examinations to grade people gives suboptimal outputs when global pandemic prevents examinations taking place.

    People are such fucking babies.

  5. “How the Government’s ineptitude created a lost generation”

    Sorry, but how do you translate what just happened to that?

    At worst, it’s a year, a couple of years if you include GCSEs. Worst impact, a few don’t go to university who were very bright. We lose a few candidates to be GP, and someone else who is probably more than up for the job of dishing out antibiotics get the job instead. Realistic worst: some kids who should be at Bristol get into Oxford and vice versa. Actual effect on them or society over their lifetime? About fuck all. Some kids might not have gone and done underwater basket weaving at Tipton University, saving themselves 3 years and thousands of pounds. At least half of kids would have been unaffected as they don’t even go to university.

    And absolutely no-one complained about this algorithm in the media or opposition. Nor have any of them explained what they’d have done differently.

    I suspect most parents, like almost everyone looking at gambles, assumes they’re going to be a winner rather than a loser and only got stroppy when little Jocasta got 3 Bs instead of A stars.

  6. “System that relies on examinations to grade people gives suboptimal outputs when global pandemic prevents examinations taking place.”

    How about a little more specific on that? When the f***ing teachers refused to work.

  7. It’s interesting that the ONS, unlike most bodies around the world, tries to do better with government expenditure in GDP than assuming that input equals output. For the last quarter, they estimate that education output fell by 34%,and health fell by 27%. In Spain, for example, the report says government health spending output increased, because expenditure increased. In the UK there must have been more teaching activity than we think,ie kids of essential workers consumed resources and more teachers were actually working than word on the street would have it.

  8. It’s a bit unfair on the genuinely intelligent. Their achievement will be discounted as a 2020 A just like all the rest. Add in the fact that the genuinely bright learn despite, not because of, their teachers and we have the predictable mess we’re in.

    OTOH the extra numbers will save the crappier unis from going bust this year.

  9. It’s not like every year there aren’t hundreds of kids upset about their results and having to reassess their future when they don’t do as well as expected.
    The only difference is this year they rather handily had someone else to blame.
    I’d say that the algorithm producing results people didn’t like wasn’t a bug it was just just reflecting reality.

  10. Er, hello…

    The article specifies a year group, not a generation.

    Generations, more than mere year groups, are in fact currently being sodomised by the State’s fearful rage.

  11. Point is not whether article may be true, it’s BBC not being impartial as they’re legally required to be

    Newsnight’s Lewis Goodall article was approved by BBC’s “Impartial” management

    These are good
    Team BoJo’s five months of cackhandedness

    BBC blunderers get it wrong, wrong, wrong

    @BoM4, bis, Ummmm
    Spot on

    The crappier Unis are demanding bailouts as grade inflation means most going to first choicw

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