Yes, we are ruled by idiots

Campaigners urged the supermarket giant to remove the £5.50 mug from sale, claiming the slogan – which is printed with ‘hit her’ in capital letters – was liable to be misinterpreted to trivialise domestic abuse.
The supermarket acted after Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne wrote to Sainsbury’s CEO Simon Roberts urging him to remove it, saying: “Apparently ‘A brilliant idea hit her’ is meant to mean ‘she had a brilliant idea’, however I think the wording on this mug sends a completely different message and despite the joke cartoon on the other side, invites men to assault women.”
She added: “Given the rise in domestic violence I believe you will wish to review your internal safeguarding checks and consider withdrawal of this particular mug from your range of customer purchases.”

The correct answer to this is “Sod off you idiot”. Because what some superannuated bird thinks about voluntary interaction between other people is nowt of her business.

Closely followed, of course, by consideration of what a lousy political system we’ve got that such could be appointed to the Lords.

34 thoughts on “Yes, we are ruled by idiots”

  1. God, these people are completely moronic.
    And worse, they think we are worse than them.
    It’s an unfortunate inevitability that some douchebag is going to smack his missus.
    (And the other way round, but the “controversy” is about man on woman)
    ((Not assuming any genders, the man may have a man vag, and the woman may have lady bollocks))

    But who thinks that a normal, non-wife beating person is going to look at a mug in Sainsbury’s and think
    “Hmm, that’s a good idea. I think I’ll beat my wife.”
    F*kin imbecile.

    I think a lot of these things are due to the easy nature of life in the modern world.
    There isn’t much chance of starving, or being killed in a big war, so the only thing to worry about is a mug and it becomes a big issue. ( It isn’t).
    Maybe we need a big war to give these people a sense of perspective…

  2. ‘Maybe we need a big war to give these people a sense of perspective…’. I tend to think in terms of the gulag or the gas chamber, but there’s zero chance of me being elected.

    Now there you are. I’ve just proved that our system of government is truly excellent.

  3. 773 members of the House of Lords. 1 unofficially representing the Official Monster Raving Loony Party? Sounds representative of the country as a whole…

  4. Sainsbury have just made a rod for their own backs by not treating these morons with the contempt they deserve. And have made it harder for others to stand up to them too.

  5. I was explaining to one of my english students how useful the word fuck is. Particularly the difference between “Fuck off” which can be light hearted banter & the more in-your-face “Fuck you!” which is intentionally offensive. I’m trying to decide whether these people deserve “Go fuck yourselves with a pineapple out of the fresh fruit aisle” or “”You can fuck right off with the horse you road in on.” Either way, it really is the only way to deal with cnuts like this.

  6. This was the beefy Tory MP with a voice like a man who became a LibDem. Seemingly she now sits in the upper house in the Nannying Infantilization interest.

  7. @John
    Looking at the names of the drowned, some might say the US needs more lakes like this. Obviously a case of Positive Action. It discriminates in favour of minorities.

  8. John, I’m struggling to see how you can have huge waves and deadly rip currents on a reservoir…. (Unless you are stupid enough to swim around the plug-hole.)

    If we are worried about strong winds, currents, waves and cold water, then we’d better close the Atlantic, eh?

  9. “ The safest way is to close the lake down so no more tragedies will happen ever again.”

    Close everything. It’s the only way to stay safe.

  10. It’s dispiriting that nobody ever says “Oh just fuck off”. I think I’ll boycott Sainsbury’s. That’ll learn ’em.

  11. @dearieme
    It’s the same as the trannies, the gerbil worming community & other eco-fruitcakes.. One should never, ever open a dialogue with these people. Once you’ve done that. you’re sunk. They are never going to acknowledge anyone else’s point of view so you’ve solely legitimised their argument. It’s what bouncers at nightclubs learn. Never discuss with the punter why you’re throwing him out. You’ll be there all night. Just ask him politely to leave. If that doesn’t work put your boot up his arse.

  12. Dearie, I’m already boycotting them because they’ve stopped giving plastic bags in the fruit and veg aisle to put your onions in (they expect me to bring my own string bag, then wash it for next time; bollocks to that).

  13. Sorry, above should have been addressed to dearieme – blasted autocorrect has made my reply look a bit camp.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset


    “John, I’m struggling to see how you can have huge waves and deadly rip currents on a reservoir…. (Unless you are stupid enough to swim around the plug-hole.)

    If we are worried about strong winds, currents, waves and cold water, then we’d better close the Atlantic, eh?”

    Indeed, that struck me as I read it. Having a quick search on the subject a local Sheriff seems fond of using the phrase, doesn’t make it right, though.

    In case anyone didn’t know, if you find yourself in a real rip, swim along the beach, don’t try to swim against it, you’ll quickly come to a point where it eases and may push you back in. That is easier said than done, though, as the urge to panic is strong.

  15. You could hit these people with a really good idea and they wouldn’t even notice.
    Only a baseball bat or similar will do.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset


    Here’s one for you. In the Royal Signals there’s an appointment of Foreman of Signal, one of he roles when I was one is the management of telecoms equipment workshops, it more systems work more. Anyway, those holding the appointment are usually addressed as Foreman, whether they are SSgt, WO2 or WO1.

    Anyway, the apocryphal stories goes that when asked what was wrong with a piece of equipment the you Signalman replied: Fucker’s fucking fucked, Foreman.

  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Remind me, Mr in North D: SSgt is addressed as ‘staff’; WO2/1 is ‘sir’? Is that right?”

    It is indeed m’Lud, unless you have appointments like Foreman of Signals (technical side), Yeoman of Signals (Yeoman) (operator side) in the Royal Signals (Other Corps had their own equivalents). It would not be wrong to address them by their rank and unless you know they have the appointment that is what you’d do. Officers use the appointment rather than the rank, although they don’t say Sir 🙂

    The way those are written would be SSgt/WO2/WO1 (FoS) Bloggs. Or YoS for Yeoman.

    It is (was?) possible to commissioned and earn the appointment Telecommunications Officer Technical egt Capt (ToT) Blogs, all the way up to Lt Col (TOT) and I believe there was a couple of Col (ToT) after I left.

  18. If you think Lake Piru is unsafe, consider John D. Long Lake in Union County, SC.

    In 1994, Susan Smith drowned her two sons. Claimed a carjacker did it. She’s still in prison. Two years later, a bunch of people in an SUV went out to the lake to look at the memorials one night. After a few got out, it rolled down the ramp – just like Susan Smith’s van. 7 drowned.

    9 deaths in two years in an 80-acre lake.

  19. I thought Oxford grammarians used it as a test of parts of speech. Fuck, this fucking fucker’s fucking well fucked to fuck.

  20. Yes, we are ruled by idiots

    Bit of an under-statement Tim. Boris refuses to do his job of being Leader as do the MPs leading each department

    We are being run by arrogant morons, politicians and bureaucrats pandering to Left MSM – Gov’t by MSM

    Thousands die unrelated to COVID and ‘none have resulted in lockdowns’

    We are being run by arrogant morons, politicians and bureaucrats

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