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A useful attribute

UK’s chief Brexit negotiator has ‘brass neck’, says former May aide

We could add balls of steel to the desired features of job applicants as well.

We are trying to get someone who works on our side after all….

10 thoughts on “A useful attribute”

  1. The only reason Boris signed the withdrawal agreement at all was Parliamentary arithmetic. It was always a staggeringly bad deal for the UK and hence bound to be repudiated.
    That appears to be more or less what is happening.

  2. If a car dealer isn’t talking about how you’re taking food off his kids table, you haven’t negotiated hard enough. The EU loudly complaining about how unreasonable the UK government is being is a pretty good sign.

  3. BoM4,

    I leave MrsBud to all negotiating, she’s not happy until salespeople are curled up in the fetal position, twitching and blubbing. Nowadays, when I’m on my own, I’ll say to the salesperson, you know I’m MrsBud’s husband, I’ve got to ask for the best deal. More often than not I get a really good deal, I think because they’re worried for me if I went home without a worthwhile discount or freebies.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    I know how this is going to end – and it will not end well. It is possible that through some massive alignment of the planets, Boris will fuck up so badly we will get what I want – a no deal – but it isn’t what Boris wants I fear.

    Still I do enjoy the EU whining. Especially about international law and changing treaties. Because the last treaty (as opposed to a surrender) Britain signed over Ireland promised to keep Ireland in the Commonwealth, actually the UK, the Queen as head of state and so on.

    If they insist, we should insist.

  5. @SMFS,

    Aren’t the Oirish a bunch of devious feckers?

    Wasn’t the whole business of the retention of Northern Ireland a measure to find a safe haven for people who didn’t want their kids raped or sodomised by the RC priesthood?

    Under that Treaty, that they reneged on, there’s millions of the feckers over here, all with voting rights. Pikeys aren’t necessarily the worst of them.

  6. @Tim W
    Postcard From Portugal

    Brexit: Is Johnson being steered towards betrayal?
    – “…Countdown to endgame on a Brexit deal’, opens with this statement: ‘When the Taoiseach Micheál Martin met Boris Johnson at Hillsborough Castle on 13 August, the British prime minister signalled he wanted a Brexit deal.’

    He did not want a no-deal exit but a deal. So we now have this for a fact, that he has apparently given away the threat of no deal. This, I suggest, is confirmed by the reported sloth of UK officials in making practical arrangements for a no-deal exit, revealed in the hauliers’ complaint that they have not been consulted on no-deal preparations, that the necessary IT work is not being done, and that preparations are just not happening

    On the fisheries issue, Connelly’s report reflects what has splashed out into our press, that Barnier began talking about UK sovereignty being accepted over its waters but as to the fish stocks in those waters, well that was an entirely different matter! Meanwhile Mr Johnson, as though announcing a triumph and not a major cave-in to the EU, said that the UK will insist on having half the fish stocks – thus conceding half the stocks to their control

    In the recent farming debate in Parliament, DEFRA minister Victoria Prentis declared that all EU farming regulations will become UK domestic law automatically under the WA. What stronger indication could there be of the UK getting ready to accept continuing EU regulation in the UK conduct of a major industry post Brexit – or BRINO?

    EU diplomats are telling Barnier to give way on nothing at all, to remain adamant, confident that PM Johnson will cave at the end.

    Simon Case, the new Cabinet Secretary and head of Civil Service who is being sold as the new Whitehall Wunderkind, now controls 10 Downing Street. Case was a close colleague of Olly Robbins and worked on the toxic Irish Protocol signed by Johnson so disastrously last year. Case will steer the PM towards caving in

    Watch Gove, who is using Scotland as a block on no-deal, whereas no-deal would make independence far harder to argue”

    Johnson? The most un-leader PM we’ve had in decades, knows he’s useless and fills cabinet with useless sycophants

    He needs to stop shagging, raise his testosterone and make decisions for country, not appease media/twatter

  7. @Pcar – You’re ascribing Machiavellian motives to BoJo where there aren’t any. BoJo has no ideology one way or the other and the only thing he cares about is BoJo.

    Sure, he’s tied his flag to “BRExit”, but only to standout in opposition to David Cameron. He doesn’t really care about whether the “BRExit” plane lands or crashes as long as he can go into the next election saying “I got BRExit done”.

    What he MUST do though is make it look like he’s “Taking the fight to the EU”, hence all the tough talk and posturing over WA repudiation. If the EU comes up with an acceptable bit of treason that he can live with and sell as “BRExit delivered” he’ll sign it and bugger the fisherman, the farmers and the Bruges Group.

    This is all just political theatre.

    Having said all of that, Boris can be a bit cack-handed at this sort of thing, so it’s quite possible that the idiot will muck it up and we leave without a deal on 1st January, but that won’t be the end of it either way. The Deep State will go back to plotting and sometime next year their will be “A New Deal” (just like the shit on the table today) that is touted as our salvation.

    The EU is determined that we’ll eat their shit sandwich, come what may. I have no faith in any UK politician to prevent that.

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