Aye up

Speaking at 103, Creamer said he could not understand how or why he was still waking up each morning. “I’ve lived a life of adventure,” he said. “It’s a good feeling to know I was able to carry out one of my dreams.”

Marvin Creamer, sailor, was born on January 24, 1916. He died on August 12, 2020, aged 104

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Just out of curiosity – and because I do not care to register at that rag – what was the one dream he carried out? Did it involve an Icelandic beauty and her cousin?

  2. I read a paperback once (desperate voyage???) , true story. About a guy in US merchant Navy. got married to an Aussie in oz mid war. Demobbed in New York. He sold his stuff, got a job down to Panama. Bought a 25′ yacht there. (never sailed before). Practiced for a month in cristobal. Telegramed wifey- i’ll be there in a jiffy darling. POLO. And then tried to sail the pacific. His navigation technique i think was get a measured bit of string, tie it to a nut and every now and then squint at polaris. Interesting story. Mad as a box of.

  3. hmm..good point. I probablyshould have known that…oh well there’s my podean unconcious bias filling in blanks. Dunno, can’t remember what stars he went by. Do remember him starving and getting to the point where he cooked up his boots in engine oil to eat. In fact he should have about 9 times in the whole thing.

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