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Blokes in frocks

Not allowed any more apparently:

“Drag” themed parties have been banned by a university’s student union amid concerns that they “make a mockery” of the transgender experience.
Students at Aberystwyth University have been told not to hold “drag socials” in order to protect the LGBTQ+ and drag community from having their lifestyle ridiculed.

So much for the liberal society if people may not dress and act as they wish. Still, if it is now verboeten to mock a lifestyle then that’s BBC comedy killed forever. After all, what is it to be a gammon than a lifestyle choice?

17 thoughts on “Blokes in frocks”

  1. Good to see student unions focusing on the important stuff. It used to be mere fripperies like apartheid and nuclear disarmament. Glad there are no other distracting problems in the world to waste time on

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Much fun on Twitter after the latest trans capitulation my a large organisation:

    Some anonymous account complained that the Coop had paid for advertising in the transphobic, right-wing, Spectator. Coop account said they would look in to it and implied some for of editorial bullying. Andrew Neil said don’t bother, we won’t be accepting any advertising from you, ever, editorial independence is all that counts. Coop back-tracking at great rate of knots.

    I haven’t seen the latest today but its lead to a stream of people saying they’re so proud of Andrew they’ve taken out a Speccie subscription.

  3. By that logic, surely drag itself makes a mockery of the ‘female’ experience. And therefore to be banned. I couldn’t give a shit either way with either drag or drag themed parties, but can’t these twats see their own hypocrisy?

  4. Damned stupid and repressive move by Aberystwyth SU

    Drag parties and Halloween, RHPS etc give closet trannies an opportunity to ‘come out’

  5. How dare these people tell these frat boys that their lived experiences are not valid. How do they know that these young men are not expressing their true trans selves – after all, gender is a spectrum. The student union is erasing trans voices!

  6. Your’re right Agammamon. After all, to maintain that one must always restrict oneself to a single gender is grossly restrictive. Pants on Monday, frocks on Tuesday perhaps?

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