Err, Honey?

Keir Starmer’s ‘new management’ will cost Labour minority votes. Does he care?
Nesrine Malik
By pandering to red-wall voters with a Tory-lite agenda, the party risks losing its core support and, ultimately, its soul

The 13% or so of the country that is BAME is not enough to win an election.

The 30 to 60% (depends upon your measure of what is being measured of course) that is working class is.

Labour’s recent problem was that it forgot this and so lost the workers as it gained BAME. Which ain’t, as recent events have shown, the way to win an election.

Sure, you can bitch and moan about this but this is the way democracy works, the majority rules.

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  1. But you have to admit it’s nice to see that the working class are no-longer considered to be part of Labour’s core support.

  2. “The 13% or so of the country that is BAME is not enough to win an election.”

    It’s amusing that the Woke Labour party (all feminazis and the LGBTXYPQWANKERS+) are in a lovefest with the ROP which votes about 85% for Labour. ROP not being that hot on feminism and alternative lifestyles.

  3. Given Johnson’s antics and the 2 week 1/2 LD he is said to be planning–you can go out to work but all social /food venues shut and you sit in your house and don’t visit your families etc–the fucking Tories cant count on the working classes support either.

    How about your shower now Theo? 8 months after 80 seat win–3 points behind commie scum. And that BEFORE the millions hit the Dole.

  4. Andrew C–Shows how they have no interest in their client groups save as cannon-fodder. More bang for the buck in destroying UK society by importing the RoP? Then women and gay-boys go under the bus. And marxist-feminist scum declare that women wearing a bag over their head on the orders of men is “female empowerment”.

  5. All the BAME live in a few urban areas*. Their votes are concentrated into localised landslides. That isn’t a good distribution for FPTP elections.

    The Indian and Chinese populations don’t necessarily vote Labour.

    *99% of Blacks, roughly.

  6. Now we just need more people to realise forever switching from the blue leftie statist party to the red leftie statist party is producing a weak and cowardly bunch of leaders and the country will be fine.

  7. Labour has realised that being the anti-White party doesn’t play well with White people? I’ll believe it when I see it; though to be fair, the Conservatives are no better when it comes to pandering to non-Whites.

  8. BlokeInTejasInNormandy


    Thanks for the link
    The bloke’s a right nutter.

    We’re doomed to a generation or two of so-called Tory governments with those as Labour’s principles.

    Oh well – just show how much more screwed up the country could be.

  9. Stumour will be toast if he fails to support striking the entire Coro Act down after Johnson fixed Lyndsey fucking so-much-better-than-Bercow Hoyle.

    You ducked my question Theo.

    The situation of the Tory Party is this:

    * After winning an epic 80 seat victory in 8 months the tinpot Covid tyranny and plain economic wrecking of Johnson has put them 3 points behind a Labour Party that are nothing better than Communist scum.

    *They have borrowed 220 billion pounds in the 5 months since April. Massively more than the whole of the last financial year. By the end of financial year they will have borrowed some 450 to 500 billion. Wartime level spending which will take decades to pay off. That is without Blofeld Johnsons 100 billion for Operation Moonsh*t.

    * Arrogant buffoon of a PM thinks he can eradicate a virus and he will continue destroying UK society and economy until he somehow manages this impossible feat. The UK –and the Tory Party–will die first.

    *Govt have filled the streets with jumped up jobsworth scum attempting to order the population about and force them into masks–a recognised dehumanising tactic used by Guantanamo torturers.

    *costumed thugs take the knee to Marxist terrorists of BLM but violently assault and punch women old enough to be their mother in the stomach.

    In addition to that they want us to download what is the foundation of Chinese Communist-style social credit system via mobile phones. Of course those of us unwilling to take improperly tested and unsafe vax (with no right to sue if it damages us) will become–so Johnson imagines–second class citizens. He is in for a rude awakening.

    Saturday we have seen the State’s costumed thugs in action against a peaceful protest in London opposing the tyranny of utterly useless Lock Downs and masks– psyops measure designed to depress and demoralise the population. We see corrupt and utterly useless science “advisors”–ie paid liars –who advocate untested, unproven ( either to be effective–let alone safe) vaccines made by companies in which they have massive shareholdings and are indeed former Board members of.

    All of this before millions of furloughed unfortunates are going to find themselves “furloughed” on £84 a week . Given the state of the economy–likely for years.

    Next we hear that Blohard Johnson plans a 2 week half-lockdown in which people can work and have the usual tax-thieving done to boost the state–but all pubs/social venues must shut (many for good) and we have to sit in our houses unable to visit family/friends. He –and any who support him in this ruinous twaddle– can go to Hell. There will be mass civil disobedience. And if Plod tries more of Saturdays thuggery it wont be so civil.

    In a few weeks it will be obvious that his “2nd Wave ” garbage will be exposed by the lack of deaths. He will of course attempt to use ordinary yearly flu deaths as bogus “evidence” for his hysteria. A large chunk of the deceitful 40.000 excess deaths fig are ord winter flu deaths. But his lies will be exposed. TOO MANY ARE AWAKE NOW.

    In a few weeks millions will hit the dole and discover that 75% pay has become £84 a week Universal Credit–if they can get. it. Millions of very angry bed-wetters who will discover that the bogus virus is far less important than trying to survive on peanuts. Who cant meet their bills and have lost their buying power–thus putting many others out of business because of reduced sales/income. On top of which Johnson plans a full Winter of virus freak antics and a cancelled Xmas with no family. If the Tory govt WANTED to commit suicide I cant think of a better plan. Esp when the fabled mega-deaths stay away–not just from UK but Sweden, Holland and everywhere else.

    In a few weeks Labour commies will have a 20 point lead over Tories. And the time will be here for recall petitions on Tory MPs–which CAN be done without them losing the Whip etc.

  10. Bongo: I live in a rural constituency that has been Tory forever, so my vote doesn’t really count much either. I guess if you want to have a say, live in a smaller town or city with a mixed population. Our local big town changes regularly.

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