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Every builder in the land Libby, every builder in the land

Who, even 30 years ago, would have thought it usual to go out from home to a café for breakfast?

19 thoughts on “Every builder in the land Libby, every builder in the land”

  1. No wonder circulation is down. How do you even submit a news article for publication with your head this far up your own back end…..

  2. She must mean the sort of breakfast that includes avocado? Presumably neither she nor any of her friends would ever go into the sort of greasy spoon caff that has been serving fried breakfasts since, what, at least the 1950s (if not earlier).

  3. It was one of the things I really liked about Hungary when I went there in 1989. A whole country that grasped the concept of first and second breakfast. Tea and a piece of toast at home. Get to work, hour or two of work, then proper bfast of eggs, ham etc.

  4. MrsBud and I will be 40 years married next month, when we I headed oop North in 1978 and we met, Redbecks Cafe near Wakefield was a well established institution and its still going strong, tradies, truckers, miners used to go there for a full English. One of MrsBud’s brother used to work on a milk float as a schoolboy and used to have breakfast there everyday.

  5. Me. In my hippy days as van driver in the NE, breakfast in the caff was de riguer. Follow the NCB trucks for the best caff was always good advice. Of course in those days NCB stood for No C***s Bothered…

  6. All the builders I know were at work every morning by eight. Come half-ten they retired to the café for breakfast, their main meal of the day (paid for by the foreman). At five everyone was in the pub and, if lucky, a take away the back of seven on their way home.

  7. Farmers likewise tend to grab a bite first thing and then settle in for a proper breakfast after milking or other sparrowfart tasks. Or if you weren’t able to get back home for that, take something out with you for ‘baggin’ as it was known down our way.

    A good mate of my father’s, who worked for him on the farm, later became a truck driver and took me and my sis all over the country, with one of the highlights being the breakfasts in various caffs, although we were never quite up to the various trucker’s specials…

  8. When I worked in the City I’d always have a full breakfast in one of those tucked away canteen palaces the messengers used to favour. Prompted as much by the unreliability of public transport, as anything else. The market opened at 9:30 & one was expected to be there. No excuses excepted. So allowing 45 minutes or so of margin was essential. And of course lunch was more of a theory than a condition of employment. If it was busy, you might grab a sandwich after 3:30 if you were lucky. Conversely, if it was slack, sliding off to Birch’s, Ira’s or the Hole for a nourishing G&T was always possible. So second, third, fourth & possibly fifth breakfasts could be attempted.

  9. Ditto when I lived in HK. Leave home, brekky in a MacD or MacSims*, off to first call of the day. Pick up lunch on way to the office afterwards.

    *in joke

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