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French men of no appearance

French police have opened an investigation after a young woman said she was attacked by three men and beaten in public for wearing a skirt.

The government denounced the “very serious” incident as unacceptable, which came amid growing anger in France at physical and verbal abuse towards women over their dress in public.

The student, 22, identified only as Elisabeth, said she was punched in the face in the eastern city of Strasbourg on Friday afternoon, in an attack “by three individuals who complained about me wearing a skirt”.

She was walking home when one of the three exclaimed “look at that whore in a skirt”, Elisabeth told France Bleu Alsace radio. Two of them then held her while the third hit her in the face, leaving her with a black eye, she told the radio station. The men then fled.

She said there were more than a dozen witnesses but no one intervened or pursued the attackers.

Isn’t that nice. A full report which manages to make no reference at all to the specifics of the men thought to have done this.

Leaving us to have to guess as to what might have caused this. The well known Gallic propensity for abhoring wimmins who show their knees? That centuries long insistence that bits be covered up like they do on the beaches? Or are we talking about some more recent cultural influence upon the society?

After all, this is the place where the national statue has her tits out*. Something seems to have changed.

*Often, in some versions.

15 thoughts on “French men of no appearance”

  1. Astonished that this was in Strasbourg. Some of the rougher Paris suburbs, or Marseilles, I wouldn’t have been surprised, but that’s Alsace, which is that interesting area where we see what France would be like if it were more German (cleaner, politer, but still good food).

    But I suppose it makes sense – these days Germany also has men of no stated origin attacking women for being out in public.

  2. Dunno, she could be lying.

    But then, last year an Afghan “asylum seeker” went around London stabbing people he thought were English, and it was treated as local news. The triple homicide of three gay men in Reading this year has long been forgotten by the MSM. And they lost interest in the mad slasher running about Birmingham as soon as it turned out he was called Zephaniah McLeod (There can be only one, proper bo innit?).

    So maybe we’ll never know, because the British and French media have more important things to inform people about, such as the latest alleged oppression of negroes in the United States, the latest Twitter messages by the President of the United States (and why they’re bad), and Prince Harry’s lovely wife and why it’s racist to point out she’s just sentient Chlamydia living in the United States.

  3. And the official response, in line with demands from women’s groups, is to triple the municipal budget for measures to protect women and encourage them to report incidents to the police. Sorted!

  4. Could’ve been a gang of Hasidic Jews, you know what they’re like, leaving their neighbourhoods, safety in numbers, and terrorising city centres, causing damage to property and sexually abusing women, causing fights and blackmailing teenagers for their mobile phones and pocket money.

  5. The article states
    “In addition to the suspended sentence, the man was ordered to undergo 75 hours of community service and have citizenship classes.”

    Why would a Frenchman need citizenship classes? Perhaps it’s that Fraternité bit that’s missing.

  6. The problem is that wogs no longer begin at Calais, the bastards are over here now!

    But I suppose that it does explain why there are no descriptions of the people of no particular description.

  7. I just don’t know why they don’t release a description. Suppose they were white. Then stating that they were white would close down all but the most idiotic speculation about this case. In the meantime, the police have fuelled a lot of racist speculation for no reason.

    If they’re not white, then we’ve got all the speculation that they’re not with the added bonus of “I told you so!” when their ethnicity is finally revealed.

    [Yes, I do know which of the two outcomes is more likely]

  8. Having done the citizenship test for Canada it’s seemed from the way some of the questions and material were presented that they are trying to make a point to certain communities that women etc. have rights here regardless of what your culture thinks.

  9. Dear Mr Worsall

    Early versions of Britannia depicted her with the right breast exposed. The Victorians covered her up.

    @ Edward Lud September 25, 2020 at 11:06 am

    The Sun reports:

    “The main suspect is said to be 18-years-old and from Pakistan, while the second man is reportedly a 33-year-old from Algeria.”

    They must have culturally appropriated their names. Pity they haven’t appropriated civilised behaviour.


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