Guardian subs, report for your beating

The human body is such a homeostatic, self-regulating system. Deprive it of calories and it starts to burn fewer of them, and tries to horde away any excess as fat.

The body tries to ride the calories en masse across Europe, like Mongols? Or hoard?

12 thoughts on “Guardian subs, report for your beating”

  1. The basic principle still works: monitor the calories and get off your arse. Exercise doesn’t have to be much more than walking; a gym will only stoke your appetite. As for more taxes (redistribution)…showering the great unwashed with free money will only result in people feasting on three kebabs instead of one – cottage cheese and lettuce leaves will remain an anathema.

  2. My advice for anyone wants to lose weight.
    You are not eating because you are hungry. You’ve never been hungry in your life. You’re eating for comfort. Stop eating. Completely. A week to 10 days is good. It will not kill you. It won’t even harm you. People have survived starvation a lot longer than that. Now you know what hunger feels like. That’s the signal you need to eat. Not the signal that you haven’t put something in your mouth for 10 minutes. At this point you will have lost considerable weight. And it won’t take much food to satisfy you. Now eat when you’re hungry. You’ll have learned to recognise what that feels like. Look forward to a slimmer life.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    “a homeostatic, self-regulating system”? No doubt. That is why Belsen was full of fatties.

    As Bernie says, it is simple – eat less, exercise more. Remember Kate Moss is an idiot but she may be right about one thing – nothing tastes as good as thin feels

  4. @SMFS

    “That is why Belsen was full of fatties.”

    I think that Steven Spielberg missed the chance of a great running gag in Schindler’s List. He could have had some fat bloke (think John Candy) as one of the inmates in the background. The guards could have exchanged puzzled glances, shrugged shoulders, confused looks every time he walked past. No dialogue needed.

    One of many missed opportunities in that film. Which made it a comedy disappointment.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    “One of many missed opportunities in that film. Which made it a comedy disappointment.”

    True, but better than John Candy, they could have cast Bernard Manning.

    That would make it a meta-joke. Although, oddly, I did not find the lack of humour disappointing.

  6. Bother! Murphy went to Dachau.

    You can imagine him empathetic musings to his sons about the starving former inmates as he ate a juicy Kielbasa hot dog in Krakow.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    The Meissen Bison September 2, 2020 at 11:16 am – “Bother! Murphy went to Dachau.”

    Well that is not a surprise. Belsen was liberated by the British. Dachau by the Americans I think. Maybe the Russians.

  8. Bernie G. said:
    “cottage cheese and lettuce leaves will remain an anathema.”

    Some lettuce can be good with a decent dressing, but cottage cheese should be anathemised.

  9. @SMFS
    New DG might have Bernard Manning [repeats] back along with

    Jim Davidson: The BBC gave me £1 million to go away

    We haven’t changed as a Nation it’s just that the people running things are influenced by minorities. It’s back to tails wagging dogs and somehow the lunatics are running the asylum

    Jim’s comment on young females is true, but I will add they’re also dangerous. Many “professional” women are too be power crazed and if they get their way their plan to destroy everything is enacted

    Jim Davidson’s TV Channel – Adults Only

    Let the woke Beeboids strike and don’t negotiate

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