Harry Harvey

A missing 80-year-old hiker has turned up at a press conference about his own disappearance, declaring: “I’ve had three grand days of wild camping.”
Harry Harvey had sparked panic among his family when he failed to return from a walk in the Yorkshire Dales on Sunday, triggering a frantic search effort.
Mountain rescue teams feared the worst for the missing walker, due to his age and the exposed environment where he was last seen, in Swaledale, North Yorkshire.
His loved ones decided to stage a desperate appeal in the hope of tracing him on Tuesday at the nearby Tann Hill Inn, one of the most remote pubs in the country.

Sadly this is not a perfect story. Not an Aye Oop in sight and true perfection would also require that the search team be formed, it look for two days, and at one point Mr Harvey, part of that team, should ask another “Well, who are we looking for then?”

But still, rather nice:

As the event began, however, a Land Rover pulled into the car park – out of which climbed Mr Harvey with the assistance of a mountain rescue team.

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  1. I think I saw a report on this, which I cannot now find, saying that he’d called his wife to tell her he was lost out on the moors, but he hung up before she got angry with him.


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