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Hmmm, well

Tinkering at the edges of furlough will not prevent the unemployment crisis coming our way
Such a scheme does undoubtedly meet the government’s usual criteria of appearing to be doing something, whilst being largely ineffective.

The scheme being criticised by Snippa is an almost exact copy of what Germany has been doing. Something which is generally thought to have worked quite well…..

4 thoughts on “Hmmm, well”

  1. Murph is fulla shite BUT lotsa folks heading for the dole Tim–or £84 a week UC as it is nowadays.

    As Hans said in Die Hard it is “inevitable and as it happens necessary” –to the ending Blojob’s tinpot empire.

  2. Question: if this furlough scheme is such a good idea, why not do it all the time?

    To put it another way: shirley, it’s only a good idea if you’re persuaded that this lockdown is a good idea …

    Or, to put it another another way: Corbo was right when he said he’d won on the ideas … all that had changed was the emergence of a putative justification denied to him by Fate.

  3. Edward Lud said:
    “ it’s only a good idea if you’re persuaded that this lockdown is a good idea …“

    Not quite; it’s possible to think that the lockdown is bloody stupid but, if the government is going to do this damn fool thing, it needs to bear the costs of it.

    (Trouble of course is it just passes those costs on to us, plus a mark-up, but it’s still possible to argue that the costs of government stupidity should be borne by wider society, not just the poor sods who would otherwise lose their jobs because of it. Trouble is that the people supporting the idiot government policies aren’t the people bearing the costs of them)

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