Hold the front page!

Fascism is here!

Deviation from the Tory Party line is no longer allowed

Deviance from the Party line is not allowed.

A threat to the person follows for those who might contemplate it.

This is the world that we now live in with the government that we have.

Party whip enforced! Fascism!

13 thoughts on “Hold the front page!”

  1. As far as Brexit goes it is about time. I think WTO is now very likely largely because of the EU’s ego and attempted dirty tricks.

    Which I believe Mr Galt predicted some 18 months ago.

  2. “I launched my video channel in July 2020 with the aim for producing 250 videos in the first year…”

    Oh well, it will give him something to do.

  3. bis
    I think they’ve been there for a long time now. And most of their articles don’t allow comments. Wonder why..
    It’s become a pretty reliable indication that the article is shite if comments are off.

  4. “I launched my video channel in July 2020 with the aim for producing 250 videos in the first year…”
    Given his usual lack of concern for quality control, I’d have thought five-a-week more than achievable.

  5. Dennis, The Pauline Kael of Central Ohio

    Will he ever change his shirt?

    As long as the videos don’t incorporate “Smell-O-Vision”, it doesn’t really matter.

    And yes, “Smell-O-Vision” was a thing back in the ’60s.

  6. Jimmers

    Absolutely – almost all the feminists and any Trans columnists disallow comments – it’s similar to Murphy – you have to prevent anyone of a contrary opinion being allowed freedom to speak. This kind of drivel is sadly ‘de rigeur’
    ‘Modern scientific research is increasingly suggesting that the binary division between male and female is not sufficient, physically or psychologically, to describe a much more nuanced, complex gender reality. Our culture, however, hasn’t caught up.‘

  7. Someone remind me what his comment policy is on his own blog. Is it a free and light handed approach designed to encourage discussion?

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