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I could do this!

Hiring Freelance Writers for EMF Protection Website


Don’t exist, don’t worry, be happy!

We’re looking for a writer who can contribute a minimum of 1-2 articles per week between 1500 and 2500 words each (so about 4,000 words per week) about EMF radiation protection.

Hmm, might be a bit of repetition there to get to word length.

28 thoughts on “I could do this!”

  1. Looks like one of the last nice, sunny days of the year, so I am off out to soak up a bit of electromagnetic radiation.

  2. Depends whether they really want text about EMF protection, or new-age “5G gives you Covid” nonsense.

    In the first case, there are ample text books on the matter.
    If the second, then let your imagination run riot:
    “Having mains power in your house gives you Herpes”.
    “Electric-powered fridges irradiates the food”
    “Letting your kid use a mobile phone destroys their brain”
    “Smoke detectors give you cancer”
    “Ant-shoplift barriers make you sterile, unless you line your underpants with our special mesh screen”

    Oh what fun to be had.

  3. “Smoke detectors give you cancer”

    If you stuck one in your trouser pocket you could get testicular cancer after a (long) while- ionisation types contain Americium 241 which is radioactive.

  4. Oh, very good, especially as the group come from the Forest of Dean and are therefore the “after” picture of those who did not buy the protection.

    Good bit of pop music but still……

  5. Naah. Alpha emitter. Stopped by the pocket lining, if not by the underpants, if not then by the scrotum itself.

    Inhaling it wouldn’t be nice on the other hand…..

  6. What gets me about the ad is their definition of “tech savvy”: understands Google docs, can take screenshots, etc.

    I know 8 year olds who are tech savvy by that definition.

  7. I used to sell TEMPEST compliant computers – nearly 30 years ago though…

    I wonder if there is a market in tinfoil underwear for those who keep their mobile phones ( as well as smoke detectors) in their pockets.

  8. “If you stuck one in your trouser pocket…” & “Naah. Alpha emitter”
    Did I really need to add the /sarc tag? Please.

    Think of the business opportunities this would create!

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    “I used to sell TEMPEST compliant computers – nearly 30 years ago though…”

    I ran one of the Army’s TEMPEST teams roughly around the same time, most boring job I’ve ever had.

    Prior to that in my teaching role at the School of Signals I taught EMF protection, but that was a 1 hour every couple of moths or so. Not sure I could write 50 words on the subject now.

  10. I thought that EMF was the standard abbreviation for Electro-motive-force, alias voltage or potential difference. Does anyone know who had the somewhat less than brilliant idea to use it for “electromagnetic fields”, as well? As a non-physicist, I assume that the concepts are somewhat interrelated but you don’t measure solar power in volts do you? Isn’t the proper unit SPF?

  11. OK, I now recall that those weather people talk about solar radiation in terms of Watts per square metre but how do you get from there to volts per square inch? I imagine that coulombs would be involved somewhere along the line?

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    Jimmers September 7, 2020 at 9:50 am – “You’re unbelievable.”

    Nice one. But perhaps a bit obscure for this audience.

    In related news, someone is claiming to be able to make batteries that last an improbable time using radioactive carbon – which they get from the graphite moderators of old reactors. And turn into a diamond.

    Nice to think part of Calder Hall could be generating the power for vapid mobile phone conversations for hundreds of years.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    The old memory synapses have been firing and IIRC EMF really came to the fore in the early ’80s when a very expensive guided Air to Air missile test failed. When they analysed why they found that some circuitry had been destroyed and they put it down to electrostatic discharge from some of the workers. ESD doesn’t just cause catastrophic failure, it weaken systems so that they fail early after a few uses.

    That’s when we all started having to wear earthed wrist bands when working on equipment in a workshop and earth ourselves before entering equipment rooms. Some places insisted on taking shoes off and walking a round on earthed mats around mainframes.

  14. ‘Hiring Freelance Writers for EMF Protection Website’

    Guardian best place to look for people who can write endless tomes on nonsense.

  15. EMF radiation protection

    Repetition: tin foil, gold foil, foil, mesh, lead, Faraday; tin foil, gold foil, foil, mesh, lead, Faraday; tin foil, gold foil, foil, mesh, lead, Faraday….

    Throw in some capacitors, chokes, toroidal, ferrite cores and word salad. Job done

    Alpha, Beta, Gamma – back to school for you

    Covid bed wetter too?

    @Gamecock September 7, 2020 at 9:09 pm
    Very true

  16. “Naah. Alpha emitter. Stopped by the pocket lining, if not by the underpants, if not then by the scrotum itself.”

    This triggered a memory train- smoke alarms- americium- eagle scout-guy who stole them to build a reactor – got arrested with a very spotty face.

    google reminded David Hahn- and not just americium ,,and he’s now deaded from drugs/alcohol not radiation.

  17. @Pcar

    It’s been a long time since I studied this stuff so it tends to get forgotten. There is a small amount of gamma from it but not enough to worry about unless you work near a storage room full of smoke detectors (as I did for a few years).

    “Covid bed wetter too?”

    I’m going to have to ask you to step outside – I’m with Toby Young on this one.

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