Finally, accountability needs to be embedded in order to build momentum. This could be achieved by establishing joint liability of brands and suppliers for what happens in their supply chain (as mooted by the former director of the government’s Labour Market Enforcement) or enforceable agreements between brands and labour organisations on working conditions in supply chains.

The supply chain of anything at all is the entire global economy.

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  1. Nik joined the Centre for Labour Market Studies (now in the School of Management) in 2005. Previously he has held research positions at Cardiff School of Social Sciences. He has a PhD in Sociology from Cardiff University (supported by a Marie Curie fellowship under the EU framework programme as well as an ESRC studentship) and a Mag.phil in Political Science from the University of Vienna.

    Hammer (an Austrian tool): “show me your nails”.

  2. Off topic, in which Spud explains that it’s different, because reasons. He has a go at the IEA as a

    “a far-right think tank that will not disclose its funding”

    Jean Swelte – Perhaps they are being funded by a Trust that wishes to remain anonymous? Didn’t you afford anonymity to one of your financial supporters for the same reason?

    Richard Murphy -In the last decade or more I have not disclosed about £25,000 of income, although I made clear it was a Quaker related trust, because the sole relatively aged, female trustee did not want the aggression from right-wing sources that might follow

    I explained the income source then, how much it was and why it could not be fully disclosed

    The IEA refuse any disclosure of any sort

    There is no comparison – unless you are the sort of person who would hassle a trustee

    Jean Swelte – Perhaps the IEA wouldn’t want to subject its financial supporters to the aggression from far-left supporters that might follow?

    If this is an acceptable stance by you, why can you not afford the IEA the same rights? Unless you are the sort of person who would hassle a donor?

    Richard Murphy – In the same circumstance, I have no doubt IEA would have a case

    But that is not the case that they make so your claim is completely false

    Like much the IEA say

  3. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Of course, there is the national living wage, but how useful is £8.72 on your payslip if you can only get £3-£4 into your pocket?

    The good professor could ask this same question with regards to taxation… But somehow – don’t ask me how I know this – I doubt the good professor will.

  4. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    It’s also useful to note that the good professor alleges much, but provides nothing in the way of substantiation with regards to those allegations.

  5. Continental Telegraph seems to have broken Tim, what the hell is SportNews? And your curve review has disappeared.

  6. Time. Don’t forget time.

    ‘liability of brands and suppliers for what happens in their supply chain’

    Including if one of the workers knew a slave 250 years ago.

  7. @Diogenes
    Modern Slavery Statement and the Equal Pay bullshit have been repealed in Labour (Dem) areas like Bradford, Leicester, London, Manchester etc where illegals freely work – many in public sector too

    Who needs education or legality?
    Tax Payers Money Given to Love Island Dopes for doing InstaTwats
    – Over £1 Million for this

    Nigel Farage says what most people think but too many haven’t the guts to say in case they’re not seen to be politically correct.
    – Nigel Farage: The majority have finally spoken up against the woke vociferous minority

    Can life get any more depressing. This is the future people…our tax money

  8. @Jussi
    They ain’t black….

    But she is:
    Rachel Dolezal II – Jessica Krug

    Further evidence for the existence of black privilege. No one would pretend to be black unless it brought them an advantage.

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