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The new food brand coming soon to a chiller cabinet near you.

Each and every portion guaranteed to be larger, fatter, saltier, tastier than Public Health England allows.

The tagline for the new business adventure being planned by this blog.

21 thoughts on “ILLEGAL!”

  1. PHE allows?

    There was me thinking that they’d been euthanised … bonfire of the pointless quangos and all that….

  2. Just add “chlorine washed” and you have the full house of American food as seen by our media. (Maybe delete tastier – they wouldn’t admit that).

  3. It would be kind to call Public Health England useless, but the truth is they are actively dangerous and have killed orders of magnitude more English people than COVID with their campaigns against fat and salt.

    There is a small but increasing number of fat bars (as opposed to so-called “protein bars” for example, which in most cases should really be called ‘carb bars.’) on the market. Not available in the shops though. At least, not round here. Very low carb, of course.

    The problem with the great majority of all sugar-free products is that they use maltitol as the sweetener which, with it’s still-high glycemic index, is about as bad as sugar and so should equally be avoided. Also it gives you the shits.

    Low salt is well understood to be a dangerous condition, with many low-carbers taking active steps to ensure they get plenty.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    PJF – not before Brexit. They can all sod off and die afterwards, but they need to get Britain out. Even on bad terms. I expect that Boris will try to sell us out, but I am hopeful that he is so useless and incompetent, he will insult Barnier’s mother or sexual prowess to just an extent that the Eurocrats will storm out and that will be that.

    The tagline for the new business adventure being planned by this blog.

    Where can I sign up? I think “Banned by the Public Health Authorities” would be such a popular slogan it will sell and sell.

  5. Illegal? Toby Young sacked by May/BoJo before he even started – Free-speech illegal

    Great interview with Toby Young from the Free Speech Union who says “there’s no evidence that lockdowns work”.
    The lockdown is “project fear on steroids” and the public’s sense of threat posed by Covid-19 has been “completely distorted by the death porn pumped out by the BBC… it’s warped people’s brains”.

    I’d rather die a free man than be alive and forced to go against my will
    “Hancock following Kim Jong Dan” – lovely and what I said yesterday

    ITV Bed Wetters in full Moron fear mongering mode

    Cases, cases, cases – a Case is seriously ill requiring medical treatment. Not an asymptomatic who has dead viral particles in sinuses

  6. @wat dabney: I wonder if that’s the artificial sweetener that’;s totally ruined the San Pellegrino blood orange drink for me. I failed to notice the new packaging and when I opened one, I thought it had gone off!

  7. Wasn’t there already in the late 80’s a scare about these sweeteners in coca-cola etc? “ooh, it causes cancer!”


    Apparently, best coca-cola is the Mexican one, the only country that still uses proper sugar cane instead of big girl’s blouse sugar beet.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    I had a similar experience with them, but didn’t check the ingredients. The lemon one seems OK but the orange ones have definitely lost their flavour.

  9. Polyols like maltitol are not permitted in soft drinks but to the aforementioned laxative effects. I believe San Pellegrino is sweetened with stevia, which is extracted from leaves and considered natural rather than artificial. It has a sort of licorice note to it that doesn’t sit well in all applications but it is calorie free.
    Sugar whether from beet or cane, is still sucrose. C12H22O11. Glucose and fructose molecules stuck together. Purists will tell you they can tell the difference in taste but I’ve spent enough time in taste panels to be pretty confident that is bullshit. I can tell a full sugar Coke from a Diet Coke just by looking at it though. Has won me a few bar bets over the years.

  10. Note how the progression works: –

    PHE recommends . . .
    PHE guidelines state . . .
    PHE allowances permit . . .
    Government legislation states . . .

  11. Stevia is considered a good’n. And monk fruit. And erythritol and xylitol.

    It’s completely coincidental that they are low calorie. Their essential benefit is that they sweeten without spiking insulin, the cause of podginess and many of the chronic conditions which now affect mankind (i.e. ‘insulin resistance’ aka ‘metabolic syndrome.’)

    Put the other way, if sugar had zero calories it would be no less objectionable. We’ve often heard the complaint about sugar that it’s ’empty calories’, but that is to entirely misunderstand the problem. Obesity is a hormonal issue, specifically the insulin response to the intake of sugar and other carbs.

  12. @Jussi
    The sweetner that “causes cancer” is sacharine. It did, when force fed to rats in massive quantities.
    In normal doses, maybe not, though it tastes foul.

    Aspartame (aka Nutrasweet) has other problems. Time was, pilots were banned from ingesting it, because it can cause blackouts in susceptible people (about 5% of total). A pal blacked out on the motorway driving to work, and was lucky not to have a really big one. Turned out it was aspartame in the coke wot did it. Interestingly, it is metabolised to methanol, so no harm there then :).

    I will not buy anything with declared artificial sweetners. Only sugars, not that I’m too keen on sweet things anyway.

    I’ve noticed all prepared food tastes foul nowadays, unless salt added. Of course, adding salt at serving, instead of when cooking, requires a much larger amount. Complete own goal.

    PHE is evil and should be ignored, or nuked from space, just to be sure.

  13. wat dabney: “It would be kind to call Public Health England useless”

    Christopher Snowdon at Spiked went one better:
    “The most polite way of putting it is that the ‘public health’ movement has spread itself too thinly over too many issues. Put less politely, the modern ‘public health’ establishment is, at best, a waste of space. At worst, it is a menace. From local councils to the World Health Organisation, it is a parade of midwits who are unable to do the things they want to do, incapable of doing the things they should be doing, and shouldn’t be doing the things they do.”

  14. @JuliaM
    Eh? San Pellegrino blood orange drink – since when did orange juice need sweeteners be they sugar or artificial?

    +1 on more salt needed after cooking. In food it’s also a preservative

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