Is it who cares? Or Diddums?

The BBC is facing a major backlash from Scottish nationalists after it said it would no longer routinely broadcast Nicola Sturgeon’s daily press conferences on TV….

If the demented porridge wogs weren’t complaining then clearly we’d have the world set up the wrong way. And if they are complaining then, well, who gives a ……

10 thoughts on “Is it who cares? Or Diddums?”

  1. It is an extremely tardy move back towards a facade of neutrality.
    BBC Scotland has been notable in its Nork levels of scrutiny of the Dear Leaderene.
    The skill and judgement displayed by the Natzis in their colossal mismanagement of all they are allowed to touch is never questioned by the BBC.
    Its a bit like their behaviour on Trump or alleged climate change.
    Questions about Scottish Care homes or Glasgow eco ferries – crickets.

  2. But if no-one broadcasts the words and powerful images of our Dear Leader, how can she effectively stick it to BoJo and the rest of the “bastard Tories” in Englandshire?

    Most Scots (plus Scottish resident foreigners and other assorted Sassanachs) are tired of hearing Scotland’s #1 Wee Jimmy Krankie tribute act drone on about how wonderful the Scots Reich is and how an Independent Scotland would be a land of porridge and honey.

    Shetland declaring that they would like to be Independent of Nicola Sturgeon and her band of demented porridge wogs was less well reported.

  3. Can’t the beeb only transmit her “dear leader addresses the nation” speeches in Scotland? That’s what would happen if they were independent, right?

  4. @RLJ

    “Can’t the beeb only transmit her “dear leader addresses the nation” speeches in Scotland”

    That is indeed what they currently do, and what they’re proposing to stop carrying in full, only if the briefing has high “news value” …

    (Okay they have been broadcast on the New Channel too, UK wide, but that isn’t what the current fuss is about – it’s about withdrawing the BBC One Scotland or BBC Scotland coverage. And yes, the BBC has a separate BBC Scotland channel these days in addition to BBC One Scotland and BBC Two/Four. Don’t think many south of the border have twigged this yet.)

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    The SNP seem to believe they are like the ANC – their cause is just and so they can get away with anything to further that cause. And if that doesn’t work there’s always the traditional left wing claim that the end justifies the means.

  6. MyBurningEars
    Thanks for that clarification. Obviously, if only porridge wogs can see them they should be on at least twice, to make sure nobody misses out.

  7. Why do you think Beeb audience share is nosediving.
    Very limited appeal, oy brain dead Natzis like it.
    Good juxtaposition is if someone could put 2 pictures alongside each other, one woth the slavish journalists hanging on the dear leaders words pencils and notebooks displayed, the other with Kim Il Nutjob and his sycophantic press.

  8. Dennis O' Luingeachain

    If I could ask my ancestors on my mother’s side one question, it would be why they didn’t leave Scotland earlier than they did.

  9. Scottish nationalists can sod off, it’s local not national news

    Furthermore, BBC already provides them two channels:
    BBC Scotland and BBC Gaelic – viewing figures for many progs are Zero

    The Poison Dwarf broadcasts: 40,000 people on average watch her on BBC Scotland
    40,000 fans out of ~5 million population

  10. SomeBlokeFromCambridge

    Tim, curious that you are not following the persecution by the “Porridge Wogs” great & good of one Craig Murray. Based on his reporting of the A Salmond trial aka “I Have a Plan So That We Can Remain Anonymous But Have Maximum Effect”. Somehow the perp got let off by the jury, so now seems they are going after his mates. Lots of interesting stuff there for them, especially us libertarians, that’s got eyes to see and ears to hear…

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