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Isn’t this fun?

The European Union is considering legal action against the UK after Boris Johnson pressed ahead with plans to override parts of the Withdrawal Agreement.

So, where could they sue?

After all, as the Gina Millar case proved, it is Parliament that is sovereign.

25 thoughts on “Isn’t this fun?”

  1. I used to find “amusement” when the mighty intellects of the clearing banks lent serious amounts of dosh to sovereign countries such as Argentina and then were surprised when said countries defaulted on their loans… Hadn’t it ever occurred to them that you can’t actually sue a sovereign nation and that short of Barclays going to war with whoever, there’s no such thing as “international law” above and beyond that which various nations voluntarily submit themselves to.

    Where’s the EU going to make its plaint? I can’t see it declaring war, the committee meetings for the various armed forces would take decades, let alone the “strength” of the present-day Luftwaffe.

  2. Likely Cummings not Blojob. Too busy with his Covid Street thugs plan. £11 an hour.

    Already considering taking the job and not doing it. But that might class as fraud–so notorised instructions to the bank/BS NOT to accept wages. Thus no financial gain to me so no fraud but a Covid creeps job occupied but not done.

    Others might take the cash and wander around being as pleasant and reasonable as Private Godfrey. “Oh that’s quite alright” “This social distance IS such nonsense isn’t it”. “Don’t worry about masks –I never wear mine”. They might trace you down and boot you–but wages will have been paid and the job again not done.

    Also the BSML £11 an hour advert says applicants have to be SIA certified. I think that might be a way of hitting back. SIA don’t investigate incidents –but complaints against companies are their bread and butter.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    We have already seen that Britain’s “Supreme” Court is willing to trash the constitution in order to further a pro-EU policy. So they will sue in British Courts. And win.

    Brexit will be lost, no matter what the law says, if the EU gets to fight it in a British court. There will be dozens of judges willing to discover that Charles I set a precedent that Parliament can’t vote to leave.

  4. Don’t let it in courts then.

    Brexit is all that is still in Johnson’s favour. Everything else he has fucked up. If he fucks that as well he will be cooked.

  5. Boganboy

    I thought that Boris was amending the powers of the SC anyway, so it could no longer meddle in important constitutional stuff.

  6. If nothing else, a short stint working as Covid Marshall will help you get a pulse of what people really think of the whole thing.

  7. bloke in spain September 10, 2020 at 11:07 am – “Will the Supremes allow the ammendment?”

    I think we know what their answer will be – Stop! In the name of love

  8. SMfS does indeed win the Internet – totally seconded.

    But after that, can I just check something: it appears that the two points over which we are now going to have major litigation are (a) whether rules on state aid in Northern Ireland are to be interpreted by the ECJ or by HMG, and (b) whether traders in N.I. have to fill in export documentation if they send goods to Great Britain.

    While I can see that you could have an argument over (a), point (b) seems completely irrelevant. What use or even interest does the EU have in export documentation for consignments from N.I. to GB? I can see that sensitivities around the Irish border might require docs for goods travelling in the other direction, but…?

    Am I missing something?

  9. What use or even interest does the EU have in export documentation for consignments from N.I. to GB?

    Because jamming a sabot in the machinery of internal UK trade is the EU’s highest priority in these negotiations.

  10. @BiS
    “I’ve a suspicion a career as a Covid Street Marshal might prove a short but interesting one.”

    Nasty & Brutish, but Short (hopefully). Well, I try to be optimistic. But no doubt the line of Mr Hodges wannabees will be long. If longer than 6…

  11. Good news re Blojobs covid tin stars.

    They are to be unpaid volunteers or council hacks with no powers to fine etc.

    In short despite Bloj’s delusions of limitless state plenty they can’t afford them and they dare not give “powers” because of minefield of legal shite. So the 30k a year and SIA ex-bouncers is a myth.

    Who is going to volunteer for such a job.

    7 million on dole + massive funny money printing inflation to torment us all further and along comes “Put that light out!”. Worse because ARP did a real job trying to protect us from a real and lethal enemy. Not a busted flush damp squib flu. Nor promoting the new East Germany to millions of very angry people.

  12. And of course the Dems doing an O’Bummer – both Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden weighing in to criticise. I’m quite happy to tell them to “Foxtrot Oscar, sod all to do wi’ you!”. I wish BoJo would.

  13. As EU admitted last year they broke their Law by not following Article 50 regulations we can counter sue

    afaik a Leave MP (Cash?) proposed and had accepted an amendment to UK Act adding ‘a future parliament will not be bound by this Treaty’ clause

    Thus, UK approved an amended EU Treaty, therefore no law broken

  14. Would the EU argument on paperwork between mainland UK and NI be that it should contain a declaration that goods are not for onward movement to Ireland/EU so they need that information to check when goods do cross the border into EU that they were intended for EU shipment and so follow all EU rules/standards etc.

  15. Dear Mr Worstall

    “After all, as the Gina Millar case proved, it is Parliament that is sovereign.”

    Gosh, I thought we the people were sovereign, and parliament was there to do our bidding.

    Guess it’s back to being livestock again.


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