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Just for clarification purposes here

Richard Murphy says:
September 17 2020 at 8:41 pm
I have never taken a tax free grant

You should not believe all Tim Worstall says

118% of it is wrong


Neither have I said that he does.

People who comment upon this website have done but that is not me.

9 thoughts on “Just for clarification purposes here”

  1. It was going to be 180° wrong. But first he had brain fade because 118 sounds a bit like 180. And then he couldn’t find the ° key.

  2. Grants would be taxable in the situations that Spud received them. The VAT position is a bit murkier but TRUK never seemed to climb above the VAT threshold. Of course, it could be that not all Spud’s income was funneled through TRUK which might raise some interesting ‘artificial splitting’ questions.

    He’s always been most reluctant to disclose his personal tax returns.

  3. Dennis, He Who Has The Optional Chainsaw Bayonet Attachment For His Assault Style Rifle

    Evidently Spud learned math from Joe Biden.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    They should have met on stage in a debate a number of years ago but Spud through a tantrum and threatened to pull out if Tim was invited. For reasons I can’t remember the organisers went with Spud.

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