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This is on the sports pages, not the opinion:

The NFL season on Thursday night got off to a dismal start, and exposed the pernicious sentiments of many in America, when some fans jeered what the league described as “a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country”.

Pernicious, eh?

Deere is correct that some people in the US agree with the president on protests, but many back the players. A recent Washington Post poll found that 56% of Americans believe kneeling during the anthem is an appropriate form of protest, with 42% finding it unacceptable.

42% is now a trivial “some”.

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  1. “The incident was particularly striking because it was meant as a show of unity rather than any kind of protest with players, both black and white, linking arms.”

    We see you.

  2. The ratings for pro sports are in the toilet.

    All those preening morons being paid millions to play with a ball are going to see their wages decimated when their next contract renewal rolls around.


  3. Inequality you say?

    ” Around two-thirds of NFL players are black, while all but two of the 32 teams in the league are owned by white men.”

    Two thirds of players are black? As all races are identical in their abilities, this must be due to racism.
    As for ownership; ten of those thirty-two teams are Jewish owned, funny they don’t point out that particular massive over-representation.

  4. This is on the sports pages, not the opinion

    That distinction is longer one worth making at the guardian, The Times, beeb etc.

  5. On the subject of sport, I see Mikey Holding has criticised the England and Australia teams for not kneeling before their recent matches. “I don’t care about the politics behind Black Lives Matter. I care about those three words: black lives matter,” he says, the stupid old fool.

    It is far too late to try and extract the phrase from the movement, a movement which has led to the deaths of thousands of black Americans by preventing the police from protecting them. And the fucking muppets at Sky still have the official BLM logo plastered all over their cricket coverage, so are explicitly supporting the violent Marxists.

    I am still waiting for someone to give me a number about zero for the number of black lives saved by people kneeling and chanting a slogan.

  6. Holding will have guaranteed his next contract extension, so job done!

    Meanwhile in Chicago, shootings continue to average around 100 per week, with 80% of the victims being black. Any thoughts on that Mr Holding? (Note: around two thirds of assailants are black, though in the vast majority of cases the assailant is unknown).

    see for all the fun Chicago news.

  7. Holding’s full quote ends with “White lives have always mattered, that is not open to question ”.

    Really Mikey? Tell that to the thousands of white girls groomed, trafficked and gang raped across Northern England, or how about the 6 million Jews murdered by the (genuine) nazis. Did their white lives matter you simpering idiot?

  8. ‘A recent Washington Post poll found that 56% of Americans believe kneeling during the anthem is an appropriate form of protest, with 42% finding it unacceptable.’

    The Amazon Post is on board with the destruction of Western Civilization. They can be counted on to lie. This poll is an obvious lie. Not to reveal opinion, but to shape it.

    ‘when some fans jeered’

    Many fans jeered. You just didn’t hear them because they were at home.

  9. Gaslighting 101.

    Conflate the Star Spangled Banner with a song, pretty much unknown before 2020, “widely considered the black national anthem”. Because inventing this sort of stuff worked so well with Kwanza didn’t it.

    America already has a national anthem for all of its citizens whether black white or polka dot. There is no such thing as a black nation over there, there is no “black national anthem”.

  10. Thank God for the DVR!

    I recorded the game in two parts.

    intro BS.

    Watched most of first quarter. One South Carolina player on KC team didn’t start (I like football, but my general interest is in watching former Gamecock players). So I deleted first part without watching any more. Started watching second part. First 30 seconds that I watched was some sort of CM BS public service announcement, in a hip hop style, tossing out false characterizations of America. Deleted it right then without watching any more.

    The game was on NBC, known to be Leftard. It remains to be seen how much more of this shit TV coverage is going to shovel, and how much I’ll tolerate. Sunday will be interesting.

    NBC has a football highlights show on Sunday evening, as a lead into to their Sunday night game. I have watched it for years. I won’t be watching anymore. I found another channel to get my highlights.

  11. Any protest is a Right and an appropriate form when for a cause approved by the Wokeratti, but ‘pernicious’ when not.

  12. It’s all right for you, Gamecock, watching the sports of savages. Those of us who like the football highlights on a Saturday evening have to be ready with the controller to silence the feeble joshing of Mr Lineker and the vacuous drivel of Messrs Shearer and Wright.

  13. Football viewering has been declining in recent years. Whether being preached to by players or not will accelerate that remains to be seen, but it seems plausible that it will. As noted above, as revenues get squeezed so eventually will player salaries, and likley we’ll soon be reading stories that the pay cuts are in retaliation for the kneeling.

  14. And consider Formula 1. First the pit girls (‘screwdrivers’) exeunt stage right.

    Then Lewis Hamilton decides he gets to tell the other drivers what to do, and they must all kneel in prayer.

    And the grandstands are empty.

    Oh, and they got rid of tobacco ads. Ok, ok, that was years ago. But still.

    The baccy ads were the thin end of the wedge.

  15. I lost interest in NASCAR decades ago, as it became completely fake. I lost interest in F1 and 24 Hours of Le Mans years ago as they all became detached from actual motoring. I can’t relate to them.

  16. “the vacuous drivel of Messrs Shearer and Wright.” I’ve just realised who, or rather what, should replace Mr Shearer – Mr Bielsa’s bucket. It would be infinitely cheaper and would not spout tosh. But what should replace Mr Wright?

  17. Bloke in North Dorset


    That lot put me off years ago and I started watching rugby again (15 man version). Sadly it appears to be going down the same toilet, led by BT’s buffoon-in-chief Austin Healy. The only saving grace is that the rugby:buffoonery ratio is still very high, except when they insist on talking when the ref is explaining what just happened.

  18. Maybe the fans in a stadium that was 3/4 empty and who no doubt had to jump through ridiculous hoops to satisfy Covid restrictions both there and in general were not to happy to see a group of multi-millionaires join hands and ignore all the rules they had to follow and expressed their opinion appropriately
    Or maybe they didn’t agree with the players breaking social distancing rules and the booers were all trainee Covid Marshalls

  19. Good points, Ummmm.

    Maybe they were thinking, “Just kick the damn ball. Let’s go!”

    Edit for 12:49

    “intro BS.”

    I forgot that HTML takes angle brackets as commands and not text.

    I should have typed “Fast forwarded through the intro BS.”

    I watch Atlanta Braves baseball. They are smart enough to have all the intro BS before they put the field on camera. I hear MLB is doing the same cringe worthy crap as NFL, but I never see it; I never have to fast forward through it.

    Big test Sunday. I’ve got 4 NFL games scheduled on DVR.

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