Modern Life

The treatment is in its “early days”, but she believes that it is potentially life-changing. It is also a treatment that is the subject of division within the dwarfism community, with many believing that achondroplasia, along with other forms of dwarfism, is not something to be “fixed”.

The belief that you’ve the wrong gonads is something to be fixed with surgery at our expense, hater.

Dwarfism is not something to be fixed by a few injections, hater.


16 thoughts on “Modern Life”

  1. Well, that’s OK. If it can be detected via a genetic test, then an abortion is always an option. Wait, what’s that you say, it’s not a woman’s right to choose?

  2. Doesn’t matter what the position is. With these people, if you disagree with them, you’re a hater.

    Think they should get the treatment if they want – hater for not accepting and celebrating people the way they are.

    Think the treatment should be banned – hater for preventing the poor disabled people from accessing treatment.

    Joshua had it right. The only way to win is not to play.

  3. It would seem that there is only ever a single line to be taken and that is the line determined by “The […] Community” so that the Trans community is all for pruning, grafting and lopping whereas the Dwarfism community seems to be concerned about becoming extinct and coming under pressure from an intolerant society.

    Given time, the Little people of America (yes, really) and their counterparts elsewhere will begin to agitate for bonsai offspring to maintain sustainability of the community.

  4. No doubt somewhere there is a person who has normal genes (perhaps a pre-pubescent teenager) who is, in their own deranged mind, a dwarf and who is (perhaps with parental help) haranguing their GP for NHS treatment and procedures to align their physical body with their mental picture of it.

  5. “People who make good money on their special disability disapprove of treatment that alleviates effects of their special disability.”

    Couldn’t LPA be sued for incitement to child abuse under US law? Should definitely be possible under UK law, with all the “Think Of The Children” malarkey going on?

  6. You see this with some in the deaf ‘community’; they believe that cochlear implants are like the holocaust but for deaf people. Mad.

  7. Some of the UK underclass, and a lot more families in developing nations, want to keep their children stupid / uneducated. This is to keep the child close to home and thus present to support the parent(s) in old age.
    Should we prosecute people for denying social mobility to their offspring?

  8. Anyone who could watch those heartwarming videos of toddlers fitted with implants and hearing sounds for the first time and think ‘This is wrong!!’ must have no soul….

  9. Curiously, all people who profess themselves to be part of a ‘community’ (as opposed to just being gay or Muslim, or tranny or whatever) have a number of things in common: shouty intolerance, narrow minds, a prediction for cry bullying etc. They should form a cunts community and leave the rest of us alone.

  10. I’ll bet that Lionel Messi was glad that Barcelona funded treatment of him when he was young to enlarge his frame.

    And I’ll bet millions of football fans would agree.

  11. In the PC world of hyper-liberal ideology, physical impairments are to be celebrated and mental impairments are to be indulged.

  12. There’s people complaining about how testing means less Downs kids are born as people are making choices not to have them, they are worried about Downs becoming extinct and usually refer to their wonderful Downs child and how world would be worse without them etc.
    Would not be surprised that they support every relaxation of the abortion laws as a women’s right to choose though.

  13. Theophrastus, that is not the half of it. A part of America is not content to indulge mental impairments but is agitating to organize the society around the mental conditions. Not sure how the 90-95% normal citizens fit into this scenario but it likely won’t be pleasant or fruitful.

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