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There’s a word in the Telegraph description of this that isn’t in The Guardian one:

A 27-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and seven counts of attempted murder following a series of stabbings in Birmingham city centre on Sunday, West Midlands police said.

A male suspect was at large for 24 hours following the attacks, but on Monday morning police confirmed an arrest had been made.

The word? “Somali” – as in of that appearance. Gosh.

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  1. ‘ A person of no particular appearance did something to some other people. No conclusions can be drawn about anything, nor should anyone attempt to discern any patterns of behavior of particular ethnic groups. Also, Black Lives Matter!’ – The British Government.

  2. It’s surprising that the police, the media, politicians, still believe that by playing the MONA card, they can soothe tensions and promote communal harmony.

    As the story unfolded yesterday and with eye-witness reports emerging and the busies announcing that they were searching for a specific suspect, it was simply not credible to hold the information back.

  3. For the reasons TMB gives–we knew the bugger wasn’t white. Anyone want to bet on him being a Christian Somali?

    He also cant be very bright as Plod caught him without much help from the public beyond the orig –kept secret–eye witness descriptions.

  4. To be fair to the WMP there was CCTV footage of the chap they were looking for on local Facebook groups yeaterday.

  5. “screaming ‘Allahu Akbar, I am an ISIS terrorist, death to the Western world, death to all non-believers’ as he went on his knife wielding rampage”

    Police said it was too early to say if this was a terrorist incident and then mumbled something about the rise of far-right terrorism.

  6. If a Muslim immigrant goes on a rampage and is shot dead, the finding is that he was a dangerous terrorist plotter whom the Security Services were tracking, and our brave boys need more funds to provide closer monitoring.

    If he is captured alive, he becomes a mentally ill patient who needs loving care and attention before being released back into the community.

    I struggle to find the logical link between these positions….

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Mr Ecks September 7, 2020 at 8:26 am – “He also cant be very bright as Plod caught him without much help from the public beyond the orig –kept secret–eye witness descriptions.”

    I don’t think he is dumb, well I do. I don’t think he did a dumb thing. So they caught him. What are they going to do? Put him somewhere nice and warm with free healthcare, plenty of food and all the weak White boys he could dream of. Paradise to someone from Somalia.

    Keep him there for a couple of weeks. Probably release him with compensation.

    I wonder if it was a Gay thing. I would like to see one of the Left’s pets kill some of their other pets. But I expect not.

    We let predators into this country and they prey on us. Who are the fucking stupid ones here?

  8. The experience of Somali refugees in the UK must be extremely hard for them. They come from a society that has broken down to family and clan, riddled with violence, lawlessness, nepotism and corruption, toxic masculinity (the real kind), and are shoved into a system of equal rights, bureaucracy, the rule of law, acceptance of diversity, freedom of expression, national certification and etiquette. It must be hard to adapt.
    Being told they deserve to dominate the world because of their religion and then finding they don’t. Having to accept that women can work or play in public without covering their heads. It’s tough.

    Well, tough. Stay off the drugs, get with the programme, be polite, learn the language, stop listening to those nutcases on the web or satellite TV. It can be done, as millions of others have shown.

  9. You could tell from the very, very carefully worded BBC report that the murderer wasn’t a while bloke called Barry from Solihull.

  10. As usual with the BBC it’s what they don’t say that reveals the truth of the matter.
    What’s a real shame is that the rest of the media do the same.

  11. Philip: and the astounding difference is with Somaliland, which is as close as you can get to a middling modern clean state with functioning economy and political system – yet is a pariah state unrecognised by almost every other country in the world as it’s a break-away province of “real” Somalia.

    Being the former British Somaliland Protectorate, it’s disgusting that the British government is one of those refusing to recognise it as a country.

  12. I suspect that the OAU cathecism that old colonial frontiers must be respected is what guides the UK here but when the post colonial writ no longer runs (the case in Somalia since Siad Barre) then fragmentation may be the best solution. Was the split of Eritrea from Ethiopia by mutual agreement? I can’t remember although the warring between the ELF and the EPLF was pythonesque.

  13. Was the split of Eritrea from Ethiopia by mutual agreement?

    Good god no. Eritrea was an Italian colonial possession and should have been one of the very earliest post-WWII given independence, but the barstewards at the UN screwed it up, made a half-assed “Loose Federal Union” arrangement between Eritrea and Ethiopia which Ethiopia repudiated as it annexed Eritrea starting a decades long civil war. It was a complete shit show from the start. Just more pasty white men telling the black folks how its gonna be. Ethiopia never had any intention of honouring the agreement and everybody knew it.

    It only ended when the Eritreans seized the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa in 1991 and ousted the Marxist government. That they ONLY demanded a referendum on Eritrean independence was essentially a concession to their alliance with the Ethiopian independence movement.

    As you say though, all very pythonesque with various factions being declared “splitters”, Trotskyite revisionists, etc.

    Michael Palin’s “Pole to Pole” travelogue passed through Eritrea at the tail end of the fighting in 1991 and showed an interesting historical snapshot of the place.

  14. You’re perhaps being a little harsh on pasty white men.

    I assume your reference is to what was probably a UN fudge in the interests of realism and expediency but some might cavil at the notion that the UN is or was wholly pasty.

    All the other protagonists, in Ethiopia or Eritrea or at the OAU (headquartered in Addis) were not pasty and there were Tigrean secessionists and Oromo insurgencies for the repressive Mengistu regime to cope with apart from the Eritreans.

    If the horn of Africa has been a shit show, as you put it, for decades then white Peyps have largely sat this one out. Certainly both Ethiopia and Somalia were client states of the USSR but I doubt that Moscow’s influence contributed to the regional instability very much.

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