My word, he did?

For example, just this week it announced new guidance for schools that prohibited the use of resources “produced by organisations that take extreme political stances on matters”. One such stance is a desire to overthrow capitalism, something a certain Jesus of Nazareth had a few opinions on.

Must have missed that bit in RE class. Camels and eyes of needles, sure, paying Caesar etc. But capitalism? Given that it’s the most effective means yet discovered of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked etc I’m not entirely and wholly certain he’d be against it either.

GB News is the latest attempt to bring more Fox News-style partisan bullshit to UK broadcasting, and in a sane world OFCOM would make that very difficult.

Government should stop people saying stuff I don’t like. A very liberal attitude, don’t you think? Especially from a journalist.

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  1. I presume this female impersonator counts himself as an “oppressed minority”?
    Not nearly oppressed enough, in some opinions.

  2. I think that if you consult the Apochrypha, you’ll find more references to dialectical materialism, commodity fetishism and the lumpen proletariat.

  3. Does this strange person not realise that the largest demographic in this country is still white?

    Maybe ze gets zer news from the bbc which would account for the different perspective. Either that or watching too many TV adverts.

  4. Abortion is bad is an extreme political stance.

    “Try Matthew Chapter 20”

    Try making a point. I’m not going to go read the Bible to try to find your point.

    bigmouth invoking Jesus of Nazareth is amusing, as I assume it has no interest or belief in Christianity. It found it curiously useful for a moment.

  5. Which aspects of capitalism did Jesus purportedly object to? Joint stock companies? The law of contract? Property rights?

    His father was a “technion” i.e. somebody in the building trades. Did he object to his dad attempting capital accumulation, buying in competitive markets, tendering a price for a job, owning private property, employing wage labour, and partaking of voluntary exchange? If so he must have spoken so softly that no word of it reached the gospel-writers. Odd that.

  6. On the other hand Jesus recommended The Law which is very sound on not stealing and not coveting – so no socialism for Jesus, then.

    Come to think of it, no socialism for Jews who claim to follow The Law. Though that’s not how history turned out.

  7. Commies always claim Jesus was a socialist.

    Was he fuck.

    Christianity is based on, amongst other things, voluntary charity. This is the point about the eye of a needle.

    Not state theft by envious losers.

  8. Especially from a journalist.

    Is he a journalist? I thought he was just a fat mental in a dress? Not that the two are exclusive.

  9. Some place in USA–name slips my mind–has ratified that ballots will be accepted up to 10 days after Election Day.

    So that attempted Election steal that Dennis told us to be impossible is clearly on.

  10. Due to the rather confusing and contradictory messages that are found throughout the New Testament, it is possible for people to customise their Jesus so that he agrees with them. The parable of the talents seems to have a pretty capitalist message, therefore my personal Jesus was a capitalist.

  11. Carrie describes Andrew Neil as loathsome.

    The sight, views and thought of being in the presence of Carrie “fair gies me the dry boak”. Being a fellow Scot, he would understand this

  12. Ah.. matthew 20 1-16…. Also known as the Cop-Out Clause when trying to get into Heaven…. : It doesn’t matter how long you work at it, you get in as long as you qualify at the last minute…

    Really good example of how duplicity pays off… 😛

  13. I seem to remember from my extensive Sunday School lesson the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard seemed to be quite in favour of the concepts of landowners, employers and individual rather than collective pay bargaining. Quite hard line capitalism I’d say………….

  14. Given the issues the next US election is likely to throw up regarding mail in ballots and different rules etc you could argue it’s Trumps duty to make sure there is a full Supreme Court as the odds of this ending up there are looking higher all the time and it wouldn’t be good to be missing a justice at that point

  15. Off topic but I see Washington NFL football team have imaginatively replaced “Redskins” with “Football Team”.

  16. @ Grikath
    I was thinking of Matthew 20 as a whole and particularly 15 not 16
    “Surely I am free to do what I like with my own money? Why be jealous because I am generous?”

  17. @ Grikath
    Sorry, misread your email: the correct answer is that all the workers started work at their first opportunity – so it is *not* a case of duplicity paying off. It *is* a case of those disadvantaged by not having had access to the Gospel in their youth not being penalised for something that wasn’t their fault.

  18. Jesus was a fan of globalism, giving credence to the idea he was a fan of capitalism.
    Why else would he drive a Honda? He was also not a fan of bragging about his wealth.

    John. Ch12:vs49
    For i spoke not of my own Accord

  19. It’s now certain that the poor will be always with us, since we’ve redefined ‘poor’ to mean ‘having less wealth/income than somebody else’. Genuine poverty, on the other hand, will be eliminated by global capitalism within the next decade or two – as long as the ecoloons and other socialist fruitcakes don’t forbid it.

  20. @John77 : I know the standard explanation of that particular story..

    I’m an avid proponent of the sarcastic reading: “Yes, the rules are crooked and defy common sense**. But it’s my real estate, so put up or shut up.”

    Matthew is one of the gospels that was hit hardest by the Constantinian purge re-editing canonisation of the bible as part of his pogroms reorganisation of the church.
    So I wonder how much of it is actually original, and whether or not this particular bit is edited in to… facilitate.. Constantine’s efforts to integrate the imperial cult into christianity as the papacy.

    ** Any Fule Knew at the time that day-workers showed up at the market place/central square/your front yard at sunrise. Peeps that showed up later expecting work were not… Good Folk..

  21. @ Chris Miller
    Including in the definition of “socialist fruitcakes” the people running China and every other socialist regime, such as the DWP, who choose whom they will pay and whom they will refuse to pay the benefits mandated by the nominally-in-charge “governments”.

  22. @ Grikath
    I had thought that the American version of the King James was the same as the English one …
    My great-grandparents’ copy (my wife threw out my copy because she said it was falling to pieces) of the King James doesn’t say that the labourers hired at the third, sixth, ninth and eleventh hours had been absent at earlier hours.
    Without wishing to be offensive I’ll take the evidence of my own eyes in preference to the evidence of yours, especially since your sources suggest that a late 2nd/early 3rd century manuscript had been rewritten by/at the order of the Emperor Constantine who only became sole emperor in 324AD.

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