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No way:

A couple who were victims of a violent, homophobic attack on a London bus are calling for misogyny to become a hate crime, as a report reveals that women are three times more likely to experience sexual violence and threats than men.

If misogyny is to be a crime then so must be misandry. At which point, of course, it all collapses down to not attacking people, something which is already illegal.

16 thoughts on “No”

  1. Ummm, I distinctly remember that when the full video was released it wasn’t quite as simple portrayed in those words.

    Indeed, didn’t one of the women throw the first punch?

  2. “If misogyny is to be a crime then so must be misandry. At which point, of course, it all collapses down to not attacking people…”

    Sadly, Timmy, your thoughts misanthropy appear to be predicated upon there being only two genders.

    And, out of the two, is it misanthropy or misandry to offend wor Carrie?

    And I’m not sure that some even self-define as being human, so even misanthropy as a superset wouldn’t cover them…


  3. here seems no reason for hate to be an especially aggravating motive. Many would consider lust, envy, pride or all the rest just as blameworthy.

  4. Two tough girls who turned out not so tough now want –what? They can punch you but you cant hit them back?

    Fuck off girls. Join the XR window line up in Selfridges.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    If misogyny is to be a crime then so must be misandry.

    This seems naive. This is not about justice. This is about power. Who is going to go to jail. Us or them? They have decided we will. Let’s see if we will accept that.

    Did we determine if Da Yoof responsible were Vibrant or not? It seemed like it at the time. If so, is it any surprise that some Vibrants get into a fight with some Lesbians and they jail more working class Whites?

  6. Why should we change British law to appease the moaning of two foreigners? Weren’t these stupid bitches blaming the whole thing on Brexit first time round?
    I don’t remember anyone claiming misogyny was a factor in the assault. The article quoted today doesn’t describe the attack as misogynistic but as homophobic. Are we expected to believe that the louts would not have jeered a gay couple? Are we expected to believe they wouldn’t have attacked 2 blokes if one of them had thrown the first punch? Actually, they might not have, if they were 2 massive muscle Marys, but that ain’t misogyny!
    Furthermore, this article links to one from last year, in which misogyny isn’t mentioned. Indeed, the Yank is quoted thusly: “We are pretty tired of talking about getting punched in the face”. Yeah, right, more like you’ve decided to make it your 15 minutes worth.
    Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off a thousand times.

  7. It’s already illegal to not attack people?

    Actually, just looking out the window these days, let alone on twatter, can’t say I’m surprised.

  8. This is being pushed by that odious MP, Stella Creasy. It therefore stands to reason that it is inequitable and spiteful.

  9. Agreed, Rev Spooner.

    I did some Yahoo! searching on this, and two striking things stand out:

    1. All – first six pages, at least – all have party line that the boys were at fault. Any counter claim is purged, or shoved down where no one will ever see it.

    2. All talked about the vicious attack by the boys. No disclaimer: no ‘alleged’ attack.

    Should these boys be found innocent, they will be rich from suing everydamnbody who reported as fact. When the press’s favorites are involved, the press losses its collective mind.

  10. I blame SPECTRUM.

    The narrative has always been that it is the Mysterons who are the baddies, but watch Captain Scarlet series 1 episode 1 and it is clear that unprovoked Earth fired first.

    But does anybody think that now? Nope.

    “Colonel White” my arse; “Colonel Whitewash” more like.

    (What? Why is everybody looking at me like that? It’s a valid comparison. 《manic laugh》)

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