Not a job application for The Sun

XR go topless.

I’m sure they’re all lovely ladies and most committed to the cause. But……

18 thoughts on “Not a job application for The Sun”

  1. Arrest the ones outside. Take the placards of the superglued morons inside.. Leave them there all day instead of shutting the shop. Let them be glad it isn’t worse.

  2. It would be interesting to see actual research on the effectiveness of this tits-out activism. It definitely gets media attention, but does it actually communicate/change anything more than page 3 did?

  3. I’m sure they’re all lovely ladies and most committed to the cause. But…… I’m bloody sure I wouldn’t want to be in the same post code let alone at a dinner party with one, tits in or out. Imagine how insufferably sanctimonious and tiresome they’d be on any subject under the sun: history, literature, politics, rugby union, etc.

  4. TBF I’ve seen a lot worse, especially on topless protests. Some perfectly decent norks in fact.
    However, as DocBud says, norks attached to terrible people.

  5. RichardT – that was no girl, that was some sinewy old boiling-fowl.

    Also it’s hard to tell given the resolution of the pic but just like old over-15 photos from school, the quality seems to be best among the seated team-members.

  6. The auditions must have been fun – but odd how no black, brown, oriental or elderly females seem to have impressed the selectors.

  7. Now that’s the way to protest! PETA does that too. I don’t need to agree with their cause to notice & appreciate their protest – but fems only, young ones out front, please.

  8. Report:
    “A former leading Extinction Rebellion activist who quit to pursue a pro-nuclear energy campaign has warned the organisation to follow its own calls to “unite behind the science”.

    Zion Lights explains why she left the climate change protest group to start her own “evidence-based” push for nuclear power.

    “All the groups I’ve been part of…no one wants to hear it and we’ve got to change that because if we’re not going for evidence-based solutions, how are we going to fix anything?”

    Same as former Greenpeace(?) co-founder who’s been ‘cancelled’ from their history

  9. I’m with Ecks on this, not just leave them there, but physically prevent anyone from approaching, assisting, or releasing them for, say 3 days.Once they are starved (following their own precept !), dehydrated, and standing in a puddle of their own shit and urine then they may get an inkling of what we think of them.

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