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Not bad

At home in London she had a macaw called Chrome; his favourite line was: “F*** off, f*** off, f*** off.”

15 thoughts on “Not bad”

  1. ‘That said, her shiny black leather catsuit was “a total nightmare”, taking 45 minutes to get unzipped and was “like struggling in and out of a wetsuit”.’

    It was worth it.

  2. ‘At night she listened to the owls before turning in with a “red before bed”, adding that a £3.99 bottle of Chilean merlot gives you the best night’s sleep in the world. “It’s like being hit over the head,” she told one journalist, adding that she would wake up ten hours later feeling like a spring lamb.’

    A bottle of wine before bed means I wake four hours later with a full bladder and a headache…

    “Parky said she was the most desirable woman he ever met.”

    She was also one of the most desirable women I never met.

  3. Off topic, coming back to the Oscars, just not watching or aren’t being interested in the new cinema, how about just being interested in the old music and nothing more recent than the late 80’s?

    This will qualify, check out those two birds dancing.

  4. She was indeed a beautiful woman in her youth.

    Those Avengers fight scenes were dreadful though. She couldn’t knock the skin off a rice pudding and mostly flung her hair from side to side. Honor Blackman was much more realistic and actually once knocked out Jackie Pallo–playing a villain–by accidently connecting with an axe-hand to his neck.

  5. Ecksy
    That was just the problem. Those early Avengers were filmed live with hardly any retakes or stuntmen. With the bigger budget they could afford camp play fighting rather than cracked ribs.
    Funnily enough Tara King presented another problem, she was a strapping lass who had a high attrition rate of stuntmen.

  6. according to BBC News, which first reported her death

    Imagine being the sort of person who thinks this is some sort of impressive achievement.

  7. In case of doubt, I do not believe that the collapse of the twin towers and WTC7 was the result of the CIA deploying super secret, silent, high explosive charges. Nor that the planes were in truth just holograms. Nor do I believe that the fact that burning jetfuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel matters a button except to dimwits who know no physics.

    But I do reserve the right to laugh at the Beeb’s claim to top flight reporting when they demonstrably reported a fiction that day.

  8. Honor Blackman was much more realistic and actually once knocked out Jackie Pallo

    I remember watching a live Charlie Drake comedy show in which he was pulled through a bookcase (presumably built from balsa wood) as part of a slapstick routine, just before the commercial break. Afterwards, the programme was unable to resume, because he’d been knocked out.

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