Not but, because

Brexit fears hit pound but lift FTSE

9 thoughts on “Not but, because”

  1. Tim can correct me, but I think the general idea is that if the pound is weaker against the Euro/dollar then the FTSE goes up naturally, since the same UK stuff is better value to buy from outside. It’s a market artefact, and not something to be worried about.

  2. Much of the FTSE100 is business done outside the UK. Thus if pound sags, the unchanged value of that overseas business in £ terms increases.

  3. The point of the story is to generate fear about Brexit because, whatever the Telegraph or its senior columnists’ line on the matter, the hacks are Remoaners and still bitter.

  4. Ftse100 had formed a support at 6000, that was violated, now that same level seems hard to break. I think soon it’s going to take another dump (and I don’t blame it). Oh dear. I’d rather work at the till at Tescos than as a night-time shelf-stacker but those positions are brutally cornered by the over 65’s.

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