Oh Aye?

As for reporting anyone: no I have not. I have never reported anyone, and I know precisely to what you are referring. It is sad that you do, which I presume is solely for the purpose of stirring up hatred. But it is you who has this wrong. A person was found guilty of gross professional misconduct for abusing me, by his employer who began and closed the investigation without any involvement by me, at all

I don’t recall it being explained that way to me…..would Mr. Richards care to comment?

9 thoughts on “Oh Aye?”

  1. Spud is implying that the absence of tax returns from individuals who aren’t on PAYE and don’t claim benefits indicates tax evasion.

    Obviously most people in that category will be married women. Probably from ethnic minorities.

    If that doesn’t deserve reporting to the student union bodies of universities of which he is visiting professor I don’t know what does.

    So I will. Just to see what happens.

  2. AndrewC – it’s a public service, nothing less, to highlight the existence of a racist cell in Ely. Good for you.

  3. I can only remember the original incident vaguely – wasn’t it an anonymous blogger who was outed to his employers?

  4. Outed by Ritchie directly to the chief executive, despite his claim that “he never reported anyone”. Why he continues to lie about this is anyone’s guess.

  5. Christie Malry at fcablog, but Tim seems to be hinting at the Murphy Richards blog. I thought the latter (if they were different people) decided to give up because reality couldn’t be satirised further.

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