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Possibly we might have an expanded definition here

The overall incidence of FASD in the UK is unclear with wide-ranging estimates, although some researchers suggest it is in the 3-5% range.

Still, that explains football then.

6 thoughts on “Possibly we might have an expanded definition here”

  1. ‘… and a further 17% were suspected by their parents to have foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD),‘


    So adoptive parents making clinical diagnoses, and without the biological mother being available to provide a clinical history during her pregnancy… more conjecture dressed up as fact.

  2. “while proponents argue that the child’s right to diagnosis and support is crucial to the proponents’ long term employment”

    Fixed it. They are creating an industry.

    ‘A child’s right to diagnosis’


    ‘A child’s right to support’

    Do they get their own full time NHS employee?

  3. We already have the right to “self-declare”, next will be demands for the right to “self-diagnose” and “self-prescribe”.

  4. “next will be demands for the right to “self-diagnose” and “self-prescribe”.”

    You already have that.. It’s just that it isn’t without consequences, of course…

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