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Presumably they should wash it in chlorine

Unclean greens: how America’s E coli outbreaks in salads are linked to cows
Infections linked to leafy greens have hospitalised 200 Americans since 2018. The finger of blame now points to cattle

That’s what we Europeans do.

BTW, if you can’t use cow crap on crops then organic farming has some problems…..

12 thoughts on “Presumably they should wash it in chlorine”

  1. ‘The finger of blame now points to cattle’

    Let us push our sins onto cows.

    ‘There was a time when you could nearly always find a head of romaine lettuce in my crisper.’

    Sorry, you’ve mistaken me for someone who gives a shit.

  2. @Commander Jameson: when I first went to the States and saw that some people had to get into theme parks via the extra-wide gate for wheelchairs because they didn’t fit in the normal turnstyles I thought it had been banned!

  3. Cow crap? What cows, in our new pristine veganised society?

    “Only the finest night soil from Green Party members is used on our salad crops. Ration is one lettuce per family per fortnight.”

  4. Ummm… Cause-effect? Bovines don’t carry any E.Coli pathogenic to humans…

    Mind.. Those particular strains do grow in cow dung… It is a perfect medium to grow a *lot* of things…
    But for those strains to get there, that manure must have been contaminated with human …output…

    Any bets on the sources of the manure having a not-quite-separated waste “solution”, ignoring the wisdom to “keep the cesspit well away from the midden” even our stone-age ancestors were well aware of?

  5. Today, I got a neighbourhood circular, courtesy of governmental/corporatist developers. It spoke of eliminating all sources of Co2.

    Well, I’m nobody’s idea of a natural scientist. But, don’t I, as a human, expel Co2… Every time I exhale?

  6. True, M’Lud. But you can still inhale. Afterwards: unknown. CCS?

    “Today, I got a neighbourhood circular, courtesy of governmental/corporatist developers. It spoke of eliminating all sources of Co2.”

    Over 96% of annual CO2 emissions are natural. Less than 4% human.

    Britain’s 1% of human emissions is thus less than 0.04% of all sources.

    Your governmental/corporatist developers are idiots. They have no power over 99.96% of the sources. They will destroy your economy for 0.04%, 1/2500th of the “problem.” They’ll proudly proclaim, “Britain leads the world!”

    The other big problem for you is that no one else will play along. You will be alone in your self-immolation. When others finish laughing at you, they’ll invade. Good idea for you all to start learning Danish.

    For those who can still take action, contact:

    We have many nice places for you to move your businesses.

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