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Slightly weird

How much did you earn last year?
About the same as our local GP, and rather less than our local MP.

A full time GP earns more than an MP’s straight wages.

7 thoughts on “Slightly weird”

  1. I did have a quick look there and the three Wandsworth MPs all seem to be Labour, who tend to do less of that. Oh, and just for completism, as London MPs they don’t get the second house allowance.

  2. Depends on the GP. From NHS England:

    The estimated average income before tax of GPs in either a General Medical Services or a Primary Medical Services practice was:

    £98,000 for combined (contractor and salaried) GPs
    £117,300 for contractor GPs
    £60,600 for salaried GPs

    More likely, his idea of a GP’s pay is based on the pre-contracting levels.

  3. But are those actual earnings, or scaled up for those GPs working part time? The report doesn’t immediately make it clear, and I’m too lazy to plough through it all to find out.

  4. Doesn’t GP pay depend massively on whether you are a partner? NHS GPs being private businesses owned by the doctors (something the anti-privatisation lot keep very quiet about) – if you’re a partner in the business you share in the profits, if you’re an employee you just get a salary. It used to be that employee doctors were mostly transitional – if all went well you would expect to be a partner after a few years – but there seems to be a growing tendency for the incumbent partners to hang on to the equity and have permanent employees rather than taking on new partners – more profit for the partners but more salaried (i.e. less well paid) doctors.

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