If that were not enough, she gave an even greater hostage to fortune by using s.hite as the first part of her email address.

13 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. Talking of shite, from today’s Times:

    “The brother of Jeremy Corbyn is being blamed for a feud in the ranks of Britain’s coronavirus deniers and conspiracy theorists.”

  2. The headmaster of a prep school I taught at in my distant yoof was named Butterworth. He said if he and his wife ever had a son he would NOT be call Roland.

  3. In Finnish language a girl’s name is Anu Saukko, aukko meaning a hole. Oh we used to snigger at one Tom and ask if her mother’s first name was Anu. We also used to laugh at the Thalidomide lad and his claw hand. Those were the times.

  4. A friend of a friend’s surname was Bottom. He married a Danish girl whose first name was Gerd, and claimed that their first child would be Ivor if a boy, or Ophelia if a girl.

  5. The minister at the kirk I attended as a child was a Mr Smellie.

    He was a pleasant chap, which is probably just as well.

  6. One of the major ‘Shakespeare was Bacon’ advocates was named Looney, a good Manx name. He was well aware what people were saying, and stoult refused to change it to Loney, as many did.

  7. Many years ago in a provincial Zimbabwean town called Bulawayo there was a vet called Dr Dick. His strict, religious, American parents had christened him Everard.
    Friends called him Ev.

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