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Such hard workers!

Beats lawyers’ time sheets:

The assembly, which met for 6,000 hours across six weekends over 2020,

Of course, what he climate change assembly has decided to recommend is what the “experts” advising it would have recommended without the existence of the assembly.

21 thoughts on “Such hard workers!”

  1. 108?
    Surely not self-selecting? All walks of life?
    Yup, truly representative. Worhty of a whole article!
    Ho, ho, ho!
    Guardian dog poo yet again.
    Where would we be without them?

  2. What’s the difference between ‘global warming’ and ‘global heating’?

    I mean as far as these people are concerned – there’s clearly some semantic difference, otherwise they wouldn’t have changed it…

    For example they moved from ‘climate change’ to ‘global warming’ so they could ignore the bits of climate that weren’t warming (like the bits that weren’t apparently warming sufficiently to warrant panic in the general populace, or that were (or weren’t) getting a bit more moist than usual.)

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    6,000 hours across six weekends

    That would be …. 1000 hours per weekend. 24 hours per day. Surely a weekend only has 48 hours?

    They mean 6000 man-hours?

    Who gives a f*ck? This is just an effort to present the usual Marxist shit as common sense. As if no reasonable person could object.

    But, as I have noted before, we have been doing this nonsense for over three dozen years. Almost two generations. Without the slightest sign of Global Warming so far. No climate refugees. No climate-related extinctions. No mass famines. Nothing.

    The world isn’t even noticeably warming.

  4. The claim is no more bogus than the rest of the Marxist liars cockrot.

    Take 100 know-=nothing dummies. 10 days of Marxist greenfeak brainwashing with no dissent allowed.

    And claim the result is superior to a democratic vote.

    Since Blojob is the big dicklesstator –then such groups need to be banned.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset


    ‘ For example they moved from ‘climate change’ to ‘global warming’ so they could ignore the bits of climate that weren’t warming K

    You mean like these bits?

    “ Two New Temperature Records Show No Warming In Central Asia Since 1766 A.D. Or In Spain Since 1350 A.D.”

  6. @PJH, I thought that the change was from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” because the warming was obstinately hiding. 🙂

  7. Ah – I may, indeed, have it the wrong way round Baron. It’s difficult to keep up these days; I seem to recall a period when Global Cooling was a major thing to be worrying about…

  8. @PJH… Yes, in the 60s and 70s we were all going to freeze to death, and according to Paul Ehrlich (laughingly made a Fellow of the Royal Society) world population would have declined to below 1 billion by now as we all starved..

    Doomed I tell you, Doomed!!

  9. France had a real citizens assembly, well in the sense that it was an official Government thing (not sure how the citizens were randomly selected though), run along pretty much the same lines. And Macron is taking it seriously. It’s the usual bollocks we’ve all heard a hundred times before. But a lot of it is going to happen. The CRS are going to be busy for the next few decades, as the French discover what it’ll really mean for their standard of living.

  10. “The assembly was made up of 108 people from all walks of life, who took part in meetings to discuss reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”


    I’m sure that some sales guy on the road for 5 days a week comes home and does this rather than taking the kids to football.

    “Frequent flyer tax for individuals who fly furthest and most often.”

    We already do this. There’s a duty on flights.

    “Increased government investment in low carbon buses and trains.”

    Buses are already low carbon.

    “An urgent ban on selling heavily polluting vehicles such as SUVs.”

    So, people living in more rural areas do what?

    “Grants for people to buy low-carbon cars.”

    Which will just get poor people who ride the bus to get into cars.

    “A reduction in the amount we use cars by 2–5% per decade.”

    Even if you only drive it 100 miles a year.

    “Making wind and solar energy a key part of how the UK reaches net zero.”

    And all the remaining manufacturing can move to China

    “Greater reliance on local produce and local food production.”

    So, sheep farming in Clerkenwell? Growing lettuce in Westminster?

  11. Not really biased at all…

    “People are willing to change if educated properly and given the facts,” noted Marc Robson, 47, a panel member and smart-meter fitter for British Gas who is now retraining to install electric vehicle charging points.

  12. jgh getting used to a new tablet

    I was rereading Dr Who And The Ice Warriors the other day, set in the near future when Britain was under an ice sheet.

  13. Good news re Blojobs covid tin stars.

    They are to be unpaid volunteers or council hacks with no powers to fine etc.

    In short despite Bloj’s delusions of limitless state plenty they can’t afford them and they dare not give “powers” because of minefield of legal shite. So the 30k a year and SIA ex-bouncers is a myth.

    Who is going to volunteer for such a job.

    7 million on dole + massive funny money printing inflation to torment us all further and along comes “Put that light out!”. Worse because ARP did a real job trying to protect us from a real and lethal enemy. Not a busted flush damp squib flu. Nor promoting the new East Germany to millions of very angry people.

  14. I’m not a total climate change sceptic unlike some on this blog. And yet…

    The whole thing was a stitch up before it started, of course. The question posed was not ‘what’s the best thing to do’, but ‘how do we implement the UK’s own law to go net zero by 2050’.

    Then who selected the proposals and who wrote the 550 page report? Bet it wasn’t Marc the meter fitter…

    There was nothing interesting or useful about the policy proposals whatsoever – same old reheated paternalistic sauce. Ban this, tax that, spend more of other people’s money on pointless government schemes. Zero meaningful discussion of incentives, or private enterprise, or technological solutions. The policy-making version of gogglebox.

    WTF is parliament except a citizens’ assembly. They should do their jobs and do it better than this crowd.

  15. “An urgent ban on selling heavily polluting vehicles such as SUVs.”

    Seeing as the environmental damage the production of my Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid is far greater than any ‘heavily polluting’ SUV and that the carbon footprint of manufacturing vehicles dwarves the footprint of running them I think we can quickly establish that the assembly was a waste of 6000 hours.

    (I bought a plug-in hybrid as being someone who works exclusively from home I am unable to deduct petrol costs from my tax bill. I can however deduct household power bills so at least every time I charge the car I’m giving less to the Jacinda Jong-Un – Incentives matter).

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