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Take a deep breath Snippa

I see it as akin to the reoccupation of the Ruhr in 1936.

7 thoughts on “Take a deep breath Snippa”

  1. I see that his stupidness is calling the govt corrupt and neo fascist. Europe a Nation was a policy developed by British Fascist politician Oswald Mosley as the cornerstone of his Union Movement. It called for the integration of Europe into a single political entity. Sounds familiar and certainly not applicable to Brexit UK. The mans an obnoxious buffoon. How come this moron hasn’t emigrated to his Greater Reich with his Oirish passport ?

  2. Reoccupation of the Ruhr was 1945. A country can’t occupy itself (Although many French say France is under occupation by Paris & it’s starting to feel that the UK’s under occupation by Westminster SW1A) The Ruhr was remilitarised in 36.

  3. Of course he could be referring to the French occupation of ’23. Which is roughly what the French are trying to pull off in N. Ireland via the EU in ’20

  4. Not even The Ruhr.

    It was The Rhineland.
    That was actually occupied by the British until 1930. The base was in Cologne and later moved to Mainz when the operation was scaled back. The French and Belgians invaded and occupied the Ruhr 1923-25.

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