The feminisation of climate change

This could be unfair. Probably is. But as we all know a usual complaint is that when an area, an occupation, becomes feminised then it becomes worse paid and less attention is paid to it.

Here’s the list of the peeps running the climate change campaign by some selection of the world’s major investors:

Seiji Kawazoe, Senior Stewardship Officer, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management (SMTAM)
Rebecca Mikula-Wright, Director, Asia Investor Group on Climate Change
Andrew Gray, Director, ESG & Stewardship, AustralianSuper (current Steering Committee Chair)
Emma Herd, CEO, Investor Group on Climate Change (current Steering Committee Vice Chair)
Anne Simpson, interim Managing Investment Director, Board Governance & Sustainability, CalPERS
Mindy Lubber, CEO and President, Ceres
Stephanie Maier, Director of Responsible Investment, HSBC Global Asset Management
Stephanie Pfeifer, Chief Executive Officer, Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change
Laetitia Tankwe, Adviser to Ircantec President Jean-Pierre Costes, Groupe Caisse des dépôts
Fiona Reynolds, CEO, Principles for Responsible Investment

So, that’s the invasion of the power skirts. What does that tell us about how seriously investors are taking climate change?

18 thoughts on “The feminisation of climate change”

  1. In of all places, not so long ago there was a piece describing how most of West London would be under water by 2050. The Thames would pretty much turn into an inland sea. If anybody truly believed this property there would be worth nothing. But it’s some of the most expensive real estate anywhere in the World, and remains so. So in their hearts they know it’s all a load of cobblers.

  2. “most of West London would be under water by 2050.”

    *Checks official height above sea level for London*

    That would be a sea level rise of more than 11 meters in 30 years…
    Do we see a 30-ish cm yearly rise at the moment? Nope, it’s 3.4 mm/year.. say a factor 100 less than needed for that scenario..
    Any indication that in later years we can expect yearly rises of , say, half a meter? Nope, and here’s the nice gentlemen with the comfy jacket if you actually believe this….

    I think the real estate investors have the right of it…

  3. I just knew that in Oz, we were dumber about climate than everywhere else.

    Well, its the state government elections in October. You’ve already guessed who I’ll put last on the ballot paper.

  4. There are lots of groups advocating responsible investment and there are even people *demanding* (yes, demanding not requesting) that all pension funds report on the impact of all the companies in which they hold investments on global warming. If that’s a tiny fund with no in-house investment managers and they just hold a FT-A All-share tracker fund plus some gilt-edged then they have to report on 720 companies using data that is often not in the public domain.
    Investors can do *nothing* directly about “climate change” – their most useful contribution is to “engage with” (talk to) investee companies and encourage them to make long-term investments in more efficient processes (usually involving a reduction in the numbers employed). However “activists” think that pushing a company’s share price down will somehow reduce its “carbon footprint” so demand disinvestment – perhaps they think that a plc is like a unit trust or mutual fund so that if someone sells shares it shrinks?!?.
    What your quote illustrates, Tim, is that most investors have realised that “climate responsibility” is now a tick-box piece of nuisance bureaucracy so they are allocating some tick-box nominees from their diversity quota to deal with their obligations under it, leaving their real workers to carry on with their real jobs.

  5. Grikath

    “Nope, it’s 3.4 mm/year..”

    And even that is not due to Climate Change, but the slow retilting back from West to East of Great Britain post the last Ice Age. Been going on for millenia, see Dunwich et al, passim.

  6. I’m not arguing with sea level changes due to isostatic rebound after the last ice age. However Dunwich disappearing has more to do with longshore drift down the Suffolk coast eroding sand & gravel in that area and dumping it to form Orfordness. And it’s still going on – don’t buy a cottage on the cliffs anywhere along that Suffolk/Norfolk coast.

  7. Seeing as how we are 10500 years into the current interglacial, which on past form would be expected to last around 10000 years, personally I’d be more concerned about some serious cooling coming up, and London being under half a mile of ice rather than a few feet of water.

    And there’s precious little we can do about it. Except lay in some stocks of coal to keep us warm.

    Gonna get parky out there…

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Nine women, one Gay man. It reminds me of the great Australian philosopher Tim Blair’s law – the world is dominated by “the ongoing process by which the world’s multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force.”

    Andrew Gray, Director, ESG & Stewardship, AustralianSuper (current Steering Committee Chair)

    AustralianSuper? That would be the Australian compulsory Superannuation fund? I wonder what DocBud thinks about being forced to fund this nonsense?

  9. I first got this from The Last Psychiatrist ( and this line is the kicker:-

    if some field keeps the trappings of power but loses actual power, women enter it in droves and men abandon it like the Roanoke Colony. Again we must ask the question: if power seeking men aren’t running for Senate, where did they go?

    I now see this everywhere now. Every Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves article about how many more women out there are editing newspapers or conducting orchestras. “First women bishop”. Great. Have you noticed the churches are empty? I think it’s even a signal that a company or industry might be doomed. We have huge numbers of female MPs, but you look at the trivial shit they are debating.

  10. Declaration of orthodoxy. They want to be in with the in-crowd. They’ll sign on with other orthodoxy.

    Marking themselves with unsatisfactory character.

  11. Bloke on M4 September 14, 2020 at 8:43 pm – “I first got this from The Last Psychiatrist ( and this line is the kicker:”

    Truly the shuttering of that blog was a great loss to the internet. The interesting thing is the rumour that TLP was a woman. I have often wondered how the book on porn was doing. Did it ever come out? I mean, get published.

    I think the post on watches was brilliant.

  12. Gamecock September 14, 2020 at 10:08 pm – “Declaration of orthodoxy. They want to be in with the in-crowd. They’ll sign on with other orthodoxy.”

    I think so. But I also think it is more than that. Girls are told that girls can do anything. Perhaps they can. But they don’t seem to be doing STEM in large numbers. Maths, to quote the great American philosopher Barbie, is hard.

    Environmentalism allows all sorts of people, not all of them women, who did not do well in High School Mathematics class, to get their revenge. They can say “those STEM dorks are wrong, I may have failed Calculus, but I know a Higher Truth they do not and they have to listen to me. ME!”

    Secret knowledge often provides validation.

  13. @ SMFS
    Part of the problem is that Girls are being told “girls can do anything” and they think that means *all* girls can do *everything* rather than the reality that for any one thing there are some girls that can do it (excluding, of course, running 100 metres in 10 seconds or jumping 29 feet or proving Fermat’s last theorem or …), so that *she* can do anything that she wants.
    Most guys realise that there are some things that we can do and some that we can’t (I realised I couldn’t prove Fermat while I was still at school) but the Feminists don’t accept that: “it’s all the fault of the patriarchy that I can’t do X”.

  14. SMFS, similar story.

    I had a friend years ago who had a business of assisting people with the import of sport hunted trophies (into U.S.). He told me the story of a client who shot a polar bear legally in Canada and was having trouble getting the mount into the U.S.

    When he finished the story, he declared that many of the people in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service were veterinary school failures, and were in the service because “they love animals.” They had no interest in doing their jobs, they wanted to “protect” animals. Making them heinous bureaucrats.

  15. I’ve never worked with a woman under 40 who had the first clue about what it is to deliver value to a business or its customers. They all (yes, ALL) just disrupt the workplace and dilute business value with their trivial, imbecilic witterings, their venality, bitching and scheming against each other, slopey shoulders and (in the case of the ones who aren’t fat miserable goblins) distracting the men from the business of doing business.

    There’s no more liberating transition in a mans life than reaching the point of no-longer being ruled by your dick, and thus no longer being beholden to vagina-havers.

    I no longer deal with them. I refuse. I’m done with it. Where I am the client, I insist on speaking to a man on the grounds of my deeply held religious beliefs (while daring them to challenge me on that). At work I just leave them to fail, no longer being willing to spend my time helping them to appear to succeed.

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