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The plumber’s coming in a month

That’s fine, it’s not emergency work.

I will have to ask at some point, morning or afternoon, as the car’s being done as well……

7 thoughts on “The plumber’s coming in a month”

  1. Someone, I forget who, once remarked that waiting for the plumber was like tantric sex, you stay in all day and nobody comes.

  2. I am compelled to ask whether the plumber is Polish? Truthfully, our alternate plumbers are both Polish and both called Jaroslaw.

  3. That was a bit of a problem behind the Iron Curtain. You paid for your Lada and were told when you could collect it, in about ten years’ time. Somehow that always clashed with your next dentist appointment.

  4. Well, the joke is that you order your Lada, when told it will arrive in 10 years, ask whether that’s morning of arvo. When asked why that matters, because the plumber’s coming in the morning. Which was sorta the reference I was making…..

    And yes, having actually lived in the Soviet Union – when it still was, not just in Russia – yes, there was a state plumbing service and it was about that good.

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