There’s a solution to this you know

We are supposed to be modelling how to be good citizens in a time of Covid, but I do not see a single student wiping down their desk or washing their hands in the numerous outdoor wash basins that have been installed.

You are the teacher, you are in loco parentis. You tell ’em. And if they don’t then punish them for not.

That being what teachers are for?

13 thoughts on “There’s a solution to this you know”

  1. ’ There is a noticeable absence of face coverings. We’ve been told staff and students can wear them if they want to.’

    Then they don’t want to. What’s your problem?

  2. ’ All schools are walking a tightrope between keeping everyone safe and everyone sane. I don’t understand why we can’t achieve both.’

    Because it’s a totally unreasonable expectation?

  3. ’ One student tells me she hasn’t been able to complete an assignment because she has been working in a hospital over the summer. “What was that like?” I ask her.

    “Yeah. You know. People died. It was sad. It is what it is.”’

    Heh! The kids are all right. It’s the adults who are screwed up…

  4. Rebelling against this massive over-reaction to a disease that isn’t as bad as the Hong Kong ‘flu? Good on this kids, I say.

  5. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    For the vast majority of teachers life from the age of four, up until retirement, proceeds along the lines of;

    Nursery – Primary – Secondary – Sixth form / College – University – Possibly Teacher Training College – School

    They have no experience of, and thus no ability to put in context, life in wider society and things such as work. It is difficult for them to understand how working in a hospital, for example, may provide experience and skills over and above the work carried out in that hospital.

    It is therefore unsurprising that they act and think like perpetual students. They are a product of their environment.

    The linked article demonstrates this perfectly.

  6. It has become the Brexit of 2020..

    The whole article is deranged, pathetic, mendacious. Brexit derangement syndrome projected onto schools reopening.

  7. The Forces of Progress have buggered up the schools: the Forces of Reaction really need to take control . A good start would be to refer to pupils as pupils, not as fucking students.

    Failing that, abolish state schools. Here’s your voucher, madam, spend it on whichever school you fancy.

  8. “It’s the adults who are screwed up…”

    Indeed. Though I don’t care for what that Thunburg kid says.

    Medically, there is no reason for masks in schools. Probably not in public, either, but that’s another story.

    The mask requirement in school is grooming. Trying to teach kids to follow the orders of their dear leaders, no matter how ridiculous.

  9. They’re talking about students, so it would be lecturers, who aren’t loco parentis, as the students are adults.

  10. Perhaps the children know the C-19 risk is low for everyone and virtually non existent for them

    Ten times more dying with Flu than C-19 now, yet Gov & msm still pretending C-19 is black death

    Many +1s

    @Jimmers, dearieme

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